Wednesday, December 11, 2013

39, 39, 39 suckas!!

Alright here we are at 39 weeks.
And boooooyy do I feel stuffed!
No really.

Yes I was wearing shorts, cant see them because of my BIG belly!
So yesterday I had my 39week Dr. appointment.
I was hoping for really good news, like...
Yes! You have dilated to a ____. I would have taken 2! But no, I have yet to dilate... :(
Also, my blood pressure is still too high...not cool.
So, Dr. said my last day has to be Thursday (tomorrow) and then I'm going in on Friday for monitoring and an ultrasound. Just to make sure that she isn't under any stress.
She also said that if I have not dilated by Friday, I have an appointment Tuesday and I will not have an option to say no to being induced.
Reason being: She said when you have high blood pressure during pregnancy, they believe it is unsafe for you and for the baby to go beyond 39 weeks. SOOOOO.....I am at 39 weeks officially tomorrow. But Dr. G isnt pushing for the induction because she is really trying to respect my birth plan.
However, I am starting to second guess myself. Not because I don't think that I will be able to do it. But because I'm ready to have her. I am beyond ready. Like I wish I would have started having contractions yesterday!
So talking with my doula, I am going to start to try and get the process going naturally.
There are many natural things that can help jump start labor and contractions.
We are going to start taking part in those. I was originally going to wait until tomorrow night, but I'm at that point where I am ready to rock n roll NOW!! So I've decided to start them tonight. To heck with it! Lets roll baby!
So yes, please everyone keep us in your prayers!
In other important news, Jeremy officially asked me to marry him last night!!!!!
We have been together for over 3 years, we love each other so much. We consider ourselves married already. I have called him my husband for at least 2 years now. But last night's proposal meant so much!
He did it in true Jeremy fashion! He surprised me, he even called my dad...I was shocked! And I absolutely love my ring! We started talking about going ahead and making it legal sometime in October, he asked me to go get my ring finger sized. Then when nothing happened in November, I just gave up on the thought. Like maybe he changed his mind. But low and behold! Mister had something up his sleeve. He knew I wanted something non-traditional and something with my fav color in it. He did so good! He said now I have to love him forever = infinity!! So sweet!
This past weekend I made a friend of mine who is about 3 weeks behind me burp cloths.

I made alot for myself, so I gfigured she could probably use some too!
I love them, super easy and fun to make!
This past weekend was also my 26th birthday! I was able to celebrate it with my sister, my dad and his wife and Jeremy. It was loverly. We went to Cheddar's. Yummm!!

Strawberry Cake!!!

I look really weird! Jeremy, hottie as usual!
So Happy 26th to me!!!
It's so weird, I wanted to be 26 and having my first child...weird how somethings work out huh?
Cheers everyone!
And don't forget, keep us in your prayers that Ms. Laynie comes out on her own!!!!
I'll keep ya posted!!