Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ease into 5K

Ok, so Monday night when I pulled up to the gym; I said to myself
           "Cece, you've got to kick in to high gear sista!" ...haha not really...but something like that!

Im can see myself getting unmotivated about the gym and start to give up, give in to temptations and not going to the gym. But then I said "Hold on a minute momma!"  not really! haha...

So as I was walking into the gym, I decided to download Ease into 5K

Why did I chose Ease into 5K, and not Couch to 5K you ask?
>>>Well....I tried Couch to 5K over a year or two ago (20lbs ago) and I just didnt like it. maybe its because thats when I was running outside and I like to run outside, but not everyday! IDK.. But this one is just GREAT! I like it! It says that your supposed to do it 3 days a week for an average person. But this chick aint no average gal! I've got moves that you've never seen before! HAHAHA!! Ok, so Im totally going off subject...Anyone? Anyone? If you guessed Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding...well, you are CORRECT!!! Love that movie!

So yes, I am going to continue to work this Ease into 5K business and hope that it works! Cuz I needed something to motivate me again.
I am also adding this to my planned workout which still consist of the Pretty Muddy Workout by Megan which kicks butt! I do that a minimum of 2x's a week. And I also work on Abs!!! and Arms and I do some legs. Although I have noticed that my legs are chrinking faster than the rest of my body; except my inner things. So I continue to work on those!

Ease Into 5K on a first day at it 1/28/13
sweat POURING!!!

I was soooo ready for a sweat sesh this morning!
Adding some leg weights in! Feelin good endorphins
are the BUSINESS!!

I ONLY do these when there arent any guys in the gym...feel like
im at the Gyno!! haha

So in conclusion...I just want to say, if there is any one out there needing to be motivated or needing somewhere to start...Ease into 5K is the Business!! And you should def try it! I totally recommend it! Im doing more than what they recommend....5 days a week instead of the recommended 3 days; but it'll only help me! =) So cheers to ya!
AND!!!! I finally remembered to weigh in this morning... 207!!!!! a whopping 2.8lbs down in two weeks!!!
New 2Week goals:  deadline: 2/13/13 just in time for V-day!!!
Mile: 13minutes or less
Weight: -2.5 lbs
20 push up NON-STOP
20 sit up, crunches, toe touches combo NON-STOP
1 minute plank
1 minute wall sit
Peace and Love,

Monday, January 28, 2013

1st 2Week Goal Deadline

Ok so this is it!
Its my first 2-week goal deadline and I am in a phunky mood today.

Blame it on bad hair day

Blame it on bloat

Blame it on whateva!

But I didnt weigh myself this morning...I know!!!

I didn't forget, I just ran out of time.

From previous post:
2weeks from Monday 1/14/13
Goal: -2 lbs
Goal: go from 14min mile to 13min mile on treadmill.
Deadline: 1/28/13

1st 2Week Deadline:

Weight: ? (will weigh 1/29/13)
Mile: 10 - 13:00 mins 12:17 to be exact this morning!

My lunch Today Salad with Pineapple and I had chicken too but devoured it...Momma was hungry!

These are sooo good! 110 Cal 7G sugar 2G protein

I was so tired, non-top Sunday!

 I guess Im just stuck in a slump, and from all the advise I've been giving I need to mix it up. We have 2 weeks until we move, which means I will change gyms...and I cannot wait! I need an asskicker! Arrggg...weightloss frustrations are the worst!
I leave you with a pic of myself! In the BF's truck!
Short post! Oh well!
Peace and Love,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freakin Friday!!!

Its Friday Babay!!!

 So, Im kind of excited that its friday! My first 2 week Goal deadline in Monday Jan 28th. And I feel pretty confident about it. I think I've paid pretty close attention to my eating habits and staying on course. I know that I've been going well with my portion sizes! Which is huge for me. Cuz I like to eat and its been a bit of a struggle to dial down my portions. But hey..this is a journey not a quick two-day vaca!

My Outie today!
I've been chewing gum like cray this week, cuz of my portion sizing and my horrible CRAVINGS!!!

The BF and I got a Tablet last night! I feel so updated!!!

Making progress!!! I cant wait to start compairing photos, side by side!

I was sweating like a piggy! But I sprinted an 8:18 Min mile!!
Just thought I would share just a little bit today! Anywho, I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend!
peace and love,

Weigh In Wednesday!!

Part 1: Feel the Burn!!!

Yes! You read it feel the burn baby!! I looove it when I wake up and I can feel my workout from the day before! Seriously, its like the best indicator that you've successfully worked a specific muscle!
And I'm feelin it in my abs! Which is what I'm working hard at right now, because my BF said that I have lost some weight in my legs, but my abdomen is taking awhile longer. So I started targeting abs this week as well as keeping up with my other muscle groups!

Also head over to Megan's blog (I blog-stalk her!) to find my new challenge! Her Sexy Pretty Muddy Workout is AMAZING!!! I tried it for the first time this morning, and it kicked my butt! There's even a video explaining every move! Which for me is awesome cuz otherwise I wouldn't know what to do and I would start making up my own moves! lol...

Part 2: Weigh In

I did not get a chance to attend the yoga class at the Gym Monday night, I got the times wrong...However, the BF and I are going to Target tonight so I can get a yoga mat! Im super excited!

However, I have lost 1.4 pounds!!!!!! And my first 2 week goal deadline isnt until Jan 28th! So I still have a few more days till my actual weigh in! Yay!




Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving It Monday!!

So tonight Im so excited, I get to go to my first yoga class at my gym!

Im super excited! And then maybe next week I thought about trying out the ZUMBA in town...just depending on what time it starts. Cuz if I can get changed and get there in time, I would gladly love to shake my tail feathers! lol..

So Weekend Recap!
On Friday, I mixed up my normal routine a bit! I decided to add a little kick in there. So i mixed it up in 15 Min intervals.
I Tread for 15Min!

Then I walked on incline for a 15Min!  

I also did wall sits to tighten up my inner thighs!
I did my repeat 3times routine and some planks.


And then I go to work, and the highligter I chose for the day matched my shirt! which I got from Walmart!! $13 and it look jus tlike a Piko top!
And I thought I looked super cute!
Then the BF and I went to Academy and I found him these cute shoes! He loves these!

Then Saturday I picked up a copy of February's Cosmo and read some before I began my day...
Posing for you, cuz I thought my bedhead was so cute! And no makeup!
Found this cute shirt at Khols for like $8 bucks!!!

Sunday we bought a new scale, cuz the BF said my old one was broken (he dropped it multiple times) But I was down for a new scale. So this morning I gave it a whirl!
I normally dont like to share my exact weight, but how am I going to be honest with you if I dont share the truth right??!!
This is the new scale we bought...pretty fancy! It measures your body weight, body fat, bone mass, and water intake as well and daily caloric intake! It basically does everything by lose weight for you! I like it! OOh and it keeps track of up to 4 people's weight, and it also has how many weeks it'll take you to lose weight to your logged in Goal Weight! Speaking on I lost 2 pounds! 1 week before end of 2week Goal #1!!!
Sorry for the piggies, but it says I weight 208.4 and my Body Fat is 46.4...whoa!!! thats almost half of me, I will be working on that!

This is what 208.4 pounds looks like! EWW!!
But I did my Repeat 3 times routine, planks and added some new ones in that I saw that Kim Kardashian's trainer had her do. Crossing my fingers!!
And of course the BF and I ate out a lot this weekend. But I stuck to my portion sizes! And I feel pretty good today! Missed cardio this morning, but Im really hoping I can kick butt in this yoga class tonight! Wish me luck!!! I''ll let you know tomorrow how it went! Hopefully I'll get pics!!
Peace and Love,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So my boyfriend calls my gym...Gym's. Hes so silly! Anyways....i went to the gym Tuesday morning feeling pretty good...considering it was 32 degrees outside!!! I mean yea its colder than a witches tit...but I like it. Cuz we all know its gonna be hotter than Channing Tatum this summer!! Haha...i claim that! And ps...nothing can be hotter than him! Haha... I digress

Anywho, I had a bit of pep in my step...kicked butt. Im trying this new circut that I found. I cant tell you exactly where I found it or what its called. Cuz i just happened to stumble upon it. But its AMAZ-ZA-ZING! And kicks my a$$.

Squats 10-12
Lunges 12(per leg)
Push ups 10
Pull ups 10 (I changed this to sit ups cuz Gym's doesnt have a pull up bar!)
Repeat 3rounds.

It will definatly make you sweat like crazy! But i like it. Its different and im using my own body weight. (a whole lot of it) lol..but soon it wont be a whole lot and I'll be moving on to weights!

Went to work and had a non-stop day. And after I was kind of unmotivated to go. Especially with it being colder than normal, I just wanted to cuddle up on the couch and Instagram and watch the news...but my sweet man encouraged me to go to Gym's! I love that man! Seriously he is a blessing! More on that later!
So i went and kicked butt!

I was gettin tired towards the end of the firat half, just kept think...just keep going. So after i finished my mile, i did the elliptical for a bit. I want to hit my goals! Oh speaking of. I was reading Megan's blog over @Miss Madison's Charmed life and I got inspired by her back story....seriously if you havent seen/read her blog you need to! Amazing! Anywho I realized instead of setting huge goals. I need to minimize and set goals 2weeks at a time. So thats what I did.

2weeks from Monday 1/14/13
Goal: -2 lbs
Goal: go from 14min mile to 13min mile on treadmill.
Deadline: 1/28/13

Oh yea I started running on the treadmill again! Lovvveee it! Its kind of relaxing to "get my run on" <--- as my BF says!

Peace and love,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday!

Weekend Recap!!!

  So this weekend was relatively good! I feel like I was soo busy! And I was!

 Friday night, we went to Carino's We hadn't been in awhile and yum!! I ordered the 6 layer lasagna, and the Cesar side salad...both were DELISH!!!

I squeezed in a workout while the BF had to work saturday =( ANNNDDD I get to do my first product review!! I'll do that tomorrow, so check back! Exciting stuff!

Plank anyone?!! Trying to up my time...goals people!!!
me sweaty with no makeup = ewww ugh!!!

Saturday night the BF took me out to El Toro in Baytown....Those of you who dont know(like I didn't) El Toro is FRIGGIN awesome!!! Yuummm!!! And I got a Super Fruit Skinny Rita...only 140 calories!!! And it was STRONG!! lol...
Super Fruit Skinny Rita... only 140Calories!!!
I thought this was cool! They had a couple of these on the walls

On Sunday we grabbed a quick bite at the local donut shop, and set our sites on the very anticipated film of our week Zero Dark Thirty. Now, I reccomend this movie to EVERY single proud American out there! Seriously, it'll make you even more proud to be an American!

 On Sunday afternoon the BF and I grilled tilapia and shrimp and we both love the herb and spring mix salad so i threw that in there with some strawberries! I was pretty proud of my self...did i mention we actually prepared our meals for the whole week!!! eeekk!!!

She's planking again! tummy is my worst zone....seriously I have soo much access fat... Lets be real for a minute...i have a shit ton of access fat. So i'll be focusing mostly on it. I pretty much research abdominal moves everyday. Im provably going to become obsessed. But hey dedication and preperation = victory! Goals! I'll post more on my goals lata!! Peace and love, Cecelia

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Panic! At the ER

Happy HUMP DAY!!!

So while I was at work yesterday around 11am I received a phone call from my lovely boyfriend. (This never happens; because he works at a plant, and no cell phones allowed inside) So I was of three things could've happened.

He got FIRED! (yikes!)
Something happened to Brayden(his son).
Something happened to his mom.
So at first I couldn't understand him because he has a crappy new phone from...T-Mobile!! I just love  hate them. Seriously, worst decision ever made! Anywho, he was sick "something is wrong, I dont feel right, my face is swollen on one side, and blood is coming out of my nose and I dont feel good" so... I PANICKED!!! And I left work, but drove home to meet hin very safely.

When he arrived home, I checked him out. We decided to go to the ER because I researched on WebMD; put in all his symptoms and the diagnosis: Sinus infection. He didnt want to believe thats what it was. So we went to Kingwood Medical Center and was told the wait was at least 5 NO!!!

So longer story short, we ended up at the Redi Clinic inside of HEB. Our doctor was Kelly, funniest person ever!! Lol...Anywho she diagnosed Jeremy with a Severe Sinus Infection. Gave him two antibiotics and told us to go to the ER if it worsens before the antibiotics are up.

I was scared for him, I hate seeing him in pain; especially when there is nothing that I can do for him. =( So he is at home resting for the day...But please keep him in your prayers because he's in loads of pain.

 But Im glad he's on the road to getting better!! Happy HUMP DAY people!!!

Peace and Love,

My Silly Man!

Jeremy and I ( Im eww without Makeup!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Move it Monday!!

Move it Monday!!!

 Skipping all the boring stuff for the day and going straight to: Fitness/New Years Resolutions

So today seems to be the day that everyone starts their New Year's Resolutions of getting/staying fit for the year...Well I have to say I am on that same band waggon.

 Yup that was the cardio part of my morning workout. Its the less intense one because we were running late getting out of the house this morning. I like to post pics of my actual cardio because I can look back and reference how many calories the machine thinks that I have burned...according to my weight and age it "supposedly" calculates that for you. BUT until I am able to get a Polar heart rate monitor I cannot be for certain.
 So at the moment I am just guesstimating. Anywho. Let me give you a little bit of a back story. I have been going to the gym on and off since October 1st. I am really great at going in the beginning of the week, and then come Friday I don't even think about going to the gym! lol...BAD!!!
 Because I am not even any where near close to my goal weight, I need to continue working out every day, or at least 6 days a week. Which has become a challenge in its self. So I knew that this was the year that I wanted to take my body back! So I am challenging myself to go to the gym at least 6 days a week, two times a day at least 4 days a week. Why so often do you ask?! Well... I am giving myself until June 7, 2013; that's 5 months to lose no less than 30 pounds!! YIKES!!!! That's a pretty big goal. But I believe that it can and WILL be done! You just watch me!
 I am also challenging myself to cleaner eating, which is a definite challenge! You see my boyfriend lovessss to eat MEAT! He is a mans man. So whatever I cook it has to be friendly to both of us. But I'm lucky he also likes chicken and fish as well, so he's ok with saving his meat eating days until the weekends. Better for me cuz he cooks on the weekends!!! lol.. Anyways, so right now I am adding more veggies, fruit and fish and chicken to my diet! Go me! That's one small step for Cecelia!!!

 I was on my way out the door and thought I would snap a pic for ya! This is my before...never to be seen looking like this again, Today changes everything about my body for me!
If you want to follow my journey a little closer you can find me on Instagram @ceceisme
Current Weight: 210 lbs   
5 Month Goal Weight: 180 lbs <--- I hope to crush that!
Ultimate Goal Weight: 135 - 145 lbs
So we will see on June 7th if I have reached or exceeded this goal!! Yay me for kickin a$$ and taking some names!
Peace and Love,