Monday, January 28, 2013

1st 2Week Goal Deadline

Ok so this is it!
Its my first 2-week goal deadline and I am in a phunky mood today.

Blame it on bad hair day

Blame it on bloat

Blame it on whateva!

But I didnt weigh myself this morning...I know!!!

I didn't forget, I just ran out of time.

From previous post:
2weeks from Monday 1/14/13
Goal: -2 lbs
Goal: go from 14min mile to 13min mile on treadmill.
Deadline: 1/28/13

1st 2Week Deadline:

Weight: ? (will weigh 1/29/13)
Mile: 10 - 13:00 mins 12:17 to be exact this morning!

My lunch Today Salad with Pineapple and I had chicken too but devoured it...Momma was hungry!

These are sooo good! 110 Cal 7G sugar 2G protein

I was so tired, non-top Sunday!

 I guess Im just stuck in a slump, and from all the advise I've been giving I need to mix it up. We have 2 weeks until we move, which means I will change gyms...and I cannot wait! I need an asskicker! Arrggg...weightloss frustrations are the worst!
I leave you with a pic of myself! In the BF's truck!
Short post! Oh well!
Peace and Love,

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