Friday, January 25, 2013

Freakin Friday!!!

Its Friday Babay!!!

 So, Im kind of excited that its friday! My first 2 week Goal deadline in Monday Jan 28th. And I feel pretty confident about it. I think I've paid pretty close attention to my eating habits and staying on course. I know that I've been going well with my portion sizes! Which is huge for me. Cuz I like to eat and its been a bit of a struggle to dial down my portions. But hey..this is a journey not a quick two-day vaca!

My Outie today!
I've been chewing gum like cray this week, cuz of my portion sizing and my horrible CRAVINGS!!!

The BF and I got a Tablet last night! I feel so updated!!!

Making progress!!! I cant wait to start compairing photos, side by side!

I was sweating like a piggy! But I sprinted an 8:18 Min mile!!
Just thought I would share just a little bit today! Anywho, I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend!
peace and love,

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