Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Panic! At the ER

Happy HUMP DAY!!!

So while I was at work yesterday around 11am I received a phone call from my lovely boyfriend. (This never happens; because he works at a plant, and no cell phones allowed inside) So I was of three things could've happened.

He got FIRED! (yikes!)
Something happened to Brayden(his son).
Something happened to his mom.
So at first I couldn't understand him because he has a crappy new phone from...T-Mobile!! I just love  hate them. Seriously, worst decision ever made! Anywho, he was sick "something is wrong, I dont feel right, my face is swollen on one side, and blood is coming out of my nose and I dont feel good" so... I PANICKED!!! And I left work, but drove home to meet hin very safely.

When he arrived home, I checked him out. We decided to go to the ER because I researched on WebMD; put in all his symptoms and the diagnosis: Sinus infection. He didnt want to believe thats what it was. So we went to Kingwood Medical Center and was told the wait was at least 5 NO!!!

So longer story short, we ended up at the Redi Clinic inside of HEB. Our doctor was Kelly, funniest person ever!! Lol...Anywho she diagnosed Jeremy with a Severe Sinus Infection. Gave him two antibiotics and told us to go to the ER if it worsens before the antibiotics are up.

I was scared for him, I hate seeing him in pain; especially when there is nothing that I can do for him. =( So he is at home resting for the day...But please keep him in your prayers because he's in loads of pain.

 But Im glad he's on the road to getting better!! Happy HUMP DAY people!!!

Peace and Love,

My Silly Man!

Jeremy and I ( Im eww without Makeup!)

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