Thursday, January 3, 2013

A journey Beginning

OK, here goes! (I'm new to this whole blog thing, so BE KIND!)

   So on this day of January 3, 2013 I wanted to create this blog because I am about to take myself through an incredible journey! The journey of becoming physically, mentally and healthfully( <--- if that's a word...if not, it is now!) fit. I have not necessarily been over weight or "fat" my whole life, but because I only stand 5'' 2' it seems to look that way when I stand next to average height peps. I am not doing this because of someone else, I am solely and completely doing this for MYSELF!! I want to be able to go shopping and not come out crying or depressed because I couldn't find pants that fit my stomach, but also fit my legs etc... I want to be able to wear a single digit pant size again. I have been in a single digit since Sophomore year of high school. Roughly about 9 years ago...YIKES!!!! That's not cool! Not only that but as I get older and closer with my lovely boyfriend, we talk about kiddos and wanting to add to our family, Im just wanting to get healthier day by day. (And I am not by any means saying that a mother should be skinny to have kids)! But I am saying that personally I want to be happy with myself before I try to bring another human being into this world. It would only be FAIR to my future children!

  On this Journey I hope that you guys will follow me, help motivate me, befriend me and be there for me! I do not know anything about getting fit correctly I'm just winging it. I'm also family and co-workers call me The Google Queen...cuz I Google EVERYTHING!! I love being so inquisitive, and having modern day technology to be able to find those little answers is a blessing! Through this Journey I hope that you will get to know me, and I hope to be able to help out someone out there!

 Hey thats ME(above)!! I'm Cecelia, and welcome to my Blog! Come follow me and watch me work on my fitness, talk about love, life and the pursuit of all things happy! And this beautiful little girl to your right is my lovely LadyBug. Shes my only four legged child... for now! and I love her to death, she is the absolute sweetest, smartest dog in the world with a rockin personality! <3 her!
Yikes...Im excited and nervous! So stay tuned for more updates!

Peace and Love,

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