Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ease into 5K

Ok, so Monday night when I pulled up to the gym; I said to myself
           "Cece, you've got to kick in to high gear sista!" ...haha not really...but something like that!

Im can see myself getting unmotivated about the gym and start to give up, give in to temptations and not going to the gym. But then I said "Hold on a minute momma!"  not really! haha...

So as I was walking into the gym, I decided to download Ease into 5K

Why did I chose Ease into 5K, and not Couch to 5K you ask?
>>>Well....I tried Couch to 5K over a year or two ago (20lbs ago) and I just didnt like it. maybe its because thats when I was running outside and I like to run outside, but not everyday! IDK.. But this one is just GREAT! I like it! It says that your supposed to do it 3 days a week for an average person. But this chick aint no average gal! I've got moves that you've never seen before! HAHAHA!! Ok, so Im totally going off subject...Anyone? Anyone? If you guessed Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding...well, you are CORRECT!!! Love that movie!

So yes, I am going to continue to work this Ease into 5K business and hope that it works! Cuz I needed something to motivate me again.
I am also adding this to my planned workout which still consist of the Pretty Muddy Workout by Megan which kicks butt! I do that a minimum of 2x's a week. And I also work on Abs!!! and Arms and I do some legs. Although I have noticed that my legs are chrinking faster than the rest of my body; except my inner things. So I continue to work on those!

Ease Into 5K on a first day at it 1/28/13
sweat POURING!!!

I was soooo ready for a sweat sesh this morning!
Adding some leg weights in! Feelin good endorphins
are the BUSINESS!!

I ONLY do these when there arent any guys in the gym...feel like
im at the Gyno!! haha

So in conclusion...I just want to say, if there is any one out there needing to be motivated or needing somewhere to start...Ease into 5K is the Business!! And you should def try it! I totally recommend it! Im doing more than what they recommend....5 days a week instead of the recommended 3 days; but it'll only help me! =) So cheers to ya!
AND!!!! I finally remembered to weigh in this morning... 207!!!!! a whopping 2.8lbs down in two weeks!!!
New 2Week goals:  deadline: 2/13/13 just in time for V-day!!!
Mile: 13minutes or less
Weight: -2.5 lbs
20 push up NON-STOP
20 sit up, crunches, toe touches combo NON-STOP
1 minute plank
1 minute wall sit
Peace and Love,

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