Friday, February 1, 2013

Its the Freakin Weekend!

Well almost the weekend! lol... 4 Hours and counting!!!!

So I had a really good week! I am so proud of myself.
I went to the gymbo 4 days in a row, twice a day! Oh Em Gee!!! The only reason why I didnt get to go this morning was because there was a work issue. Which I will not get into...but can I say...Save the dRaMa for yo Momma!!! hate it!

But anyways, Im so excited for the weekend. I need a break!

First: last night at the gym I did sprints...recommended by SkinnyMeg on her I tried them out...Killas but worth every inch of sweat!!

sorry for the cleavage shot...cant help it! lol..
Run sweat run!!!
And I ordered some Brady Bands today and Im soooo EXCITED!!!!!! I cannot wait. Cuz girl I was wearing the kid size sweat bands...they dont slip. IDK I guess my head is shaped weird! So as soo as I get them and I try em out, I'll write a review and let you know how they are!
And about 9more days until the BF and I are moving!!!!! I am just sooo excited! You guys have no idea.
deadline: 2/13/13 just in time for V-day!!!
Mile: 13.5 minutes

Weight: -2.5 lbs

20 push up NON-STOP

20 sit up, crunches, toe touches combo NON-STOP

1 minute plank

1 minute wall sit
I hope that everyone has a fantasticly fabulous weekend! Make it an active weekend too, so that you wont have the Monday Blues!!!! <3
Peace and Love,

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