Monday, February 25, 2013

No More Moscato for me!!!

So, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I FINALLY decorated my bathroom! I was soo excited too!

Due to our walls being painted a cream, taupe, browny color the color scheme that I had picked out before we moved in just didnt work. So I had to redo everything. Jerms and I decided on green.

And I found these cool circle rugs! Which I think it adds a little more personality to the room! I love them I think they look cool. Theres two of these, the other one is in front of the sink. (forgot to get a pic)
And how cute are these matching bathroom accessories!
Without flash
With flash
Saturday morning Jeremy had to work half a say, so I went to the gym for a much needed sweat session!
Cant wait till I start seeing results...but thats how you know you worked out hard. You look like shit afterwards!
I went to Lowe's to pick up some nails and a few other things, and started hanging up pictures and decor, and noticed that my Valntine's Day flowers are so blooming and beautiful! I love them!!
I love this. I got this a few years ago on the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx(Former T.J. Maxx addict) And Jeremy tells me this everyday. Plus I think it's a great reminder to make everyday a Great Day!!
 Saturday afternoon Jerms got home and was so exhausted so he napped while I finished my first project after moving.
I wanted to make something that would get my earrings off the counter in the closet or bathroom or kitchen or practically wherever I take off my earrings. So a few weeks ago I went to Michael's Craft Store and found this awesome wood cut out.
As we all know, My fav color is Turquoise. So I picked out a pretty Turquoise color and painted it a few times letting it dry in between.

When I went to Lowe's earlier that morning, I picked up a roll of Screen door material. (Sorry forgot to get the pick) But it's like $6.57/Roll and I think the roll is either 35'' or 45'' long. Which is enough for a lot of these babies.

                           Next I stapled (carefully) the screen to the I front on the wood.

After Jerms woke up from his nap, he went to the Hobby Lobby with me to help me pick out a ribbon(to cover the staples and edges of the screen)

He chose black and white chevron! Good choice baby!! So I got glue gunned the ribbon on the edges, making the corners all match.

And then I added a bow at the top to hang it by and Viola! Dunzo!!

And I LOVVEEEE it! Im hoping to do a couple more. Say like for friends, sisters and a few others. Also if you are interested in me making you one, let me know! I can do any color scheme that you want. I would be glad to! Super easy, fun and satisfying project! 
 Saturday night we had company over, and I had waaaay too many of these babies!
Moscato is sooo good, until you wake up in the AM with a serious headache and never want to even look at the bottle ever again... I can still smell it...eww gross!
And then there's my LadyBug. Saturday she went from Happy go lucky, playing around with her ball and being the normal sweet girl that she is....

To this on Sunday evening:
She was BEYOND sleepy/tired. Jerms wrapped her up in her blankie! (I know...sue me! She's my only baby right now!)  We think it was the partial anxiety she started to get when our guests over stayed there welcome. Yea! I said it and I dont care. She's just so used to it being me, Jerms and her and she just got overwhelmed. Too much going on. But sweet girl didnt even eat her food last night
 =( Makes me worry. But this morning I woke up and she was perfectly fine, wagging her tail like normal! lol...

My outfit of the day! It was a little on the warmer side today. So I opted for sandals!
I also tried out a new lipstick today. Im not a huge fan of lipstick, I always forget to refresh it throughout the day. So I tired it on today. My sister gave it to me. Its alot creamier than I like...I actually like the matte lipsticks more. Anywho...This is Covergirl Temptress Charmeuse. Let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!
Peace and Love,


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