Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Blues!

Can I just crawl into a hidden nook and re-read 50 shades of Grey books????

Seriously... today has left me with feeling like poo!
I guess its partly because I did not get my happy butt up and go to gym's this morning!
Its been a cRaZy weekend!!!
And now its raining!!! ahhhhhhhhh....

Seriously though, if you dont follow me on Instagram @Ceceisme you would know that you missed some importante news!

  Hahah!! No seriously, the BF and I are moving THIS Friday! So if you dont hear from me until Sunday...well now you know why. Cuz I'll be packing up all of our shit! And then some!
But the most exciting part....I get to DECORATE!!!! All new stuff and Im just so overjoyed right now!!!

2. I took and passed my CHL class..
Those of you who dont know, CHL is a Concealed Handgun License. There are CrAzY peeps out there, and the BF doesnt like that he cant protect me always. So he wants me to stay alert and prepared at all times. Plus it doesnt hurt that I am ok with a handgun anyhow!

3. I celebrated!!!
I did, with a big ass glass of Crown and Cream. Ok you got me! I didnt have just one!! hahahaha!!!

Now for a phone pic dump:
saw this on my way home Friday! "Dont
make me go cajun on your ass!" 
Friday night, the BF and I went to the Shooting Range!

And then Saturday we woke up for an early ass class!

Then we celebrated!

That is all for now! Headed to Gym's to punish my fat! Who cares if its raining! Im going to pound out some miles tongiht baby!!!
Peace and Love,

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