Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Pimpin!

 Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Protein Shakes
So, the other day I told you that Jeremy and I got help from one of the trainers at the gym. He even introduced us to the best protein shake ever! Seriously, he said that it would help reduce soreness, by helping repair muscles that we were tearing down in the gym. So we tried a sample and were hooked!!! It is soooo freakin Yummie!

You can find that protein mix HERE  Its sooo good! The Creamy Vanilla is what we have. I put a 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, and 1/2 Cup of frozen strawberries and it calls for 4-8oz of 1% milk. But you can also use water, or the trainer said you could even use Gatorade.  But I like it my way. We drink these immediately after our workout sessions, and 99.9% of the time, we have NO soreness the next day. He told us that you have 45 Mins after a workout to get a raw form of protein in your body to help kick start the process of repairing muscles that you just tore down with a workout session, or a high cardio session (long runs, cycling etc...)

Brady Bands
I had been looking for a workout headband for awhile. And I had found a few that were cute....But nothing moved me. UNTIL...I read Megan's blog about Brady Bands. She swears by them...and now SO DO I!
Seriously, these bands are freakin fabulous! I think that my head is shaped weird, so before I had to wear the little girls sweat bands, and even those budged. By the time I finished my run, It was hanging on by my ponytail! lol...awkward!

But these things DONT move! They even give you a little face lift! And who doesnt want one of those?!! DUHHH....
They come in all kinds of cute colors and sizes and patterns. I just so happen to love this sparkly number.                             I also have these:

Next time, Im getting these!!! Im hooked!



You can find those HERE And if you plug in HEADBANDS at the checkout, you can even get them on sale(if you buy 3 or more) But hurry, you only have 8 days left!!!  But still!!! You'll get hooked just like I did.

 This morning Jerms and I tried Turkey Bacon. He hated it! But I like it! And the Calories arent bad...but the sodium is kinda high.... What do you think of turkey bacon??

And finally, this kick ass invention is a veggie steamer for your microwave! It was like $5bucks at walmart...seriously cooks your your veggies gooood! And it saves a butt load of time. 2Tbls of water in the bottomw tray, open the vent and turn micro on for @2-4 minutes. BAM done!
That is all...I will leave you with my lazy Wednesday hair pic!
Your welcome!
Peace and Love,

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