Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today I was debating on weather or not I was going to post anything. Last night (in a very rare occurence) the BF and I were relaxing and actually sitting on our couch. As I was reading my daily list of Blogs I follow, and he was watching Dazed and Confused(one of our fav. movies) I thought to myself while reading someone's comment on a blog...."why dont I have any subsribers, followers, commentors?" "Am I doing something wrong?"                                                              ------------>
                                             Put your email in there, and click Submit

See! ZERO!!!
Oh well. I dont mind writing to air. I started this blog because I felt like I always have things I want to share. So share!
 if there is anyone out there that WOULD like to subsribe by email....theres a button over to the right -------------->
Put your email in there, and click Submit
And I will give the 1st and 10th subscriber a gift!
Ohhh...a gift I say. Yes! I will.
So, whose down??
(And cant be my sister, the BF or any other family member)

Happy ALMOST weekend!
Peace and Love,

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