Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Goals, New Apartment and My Loves

So! The move in process is ALMOST complete!

It took 2 and a half hours to get everything packed and into the trucks.
And it took 30 Minutes to unload the trucks! lol..funny how that works!
Ive almost gotten all the boxes open and unpacked. But Im just taking it one box at a time.




Moving allows you to discover old things. Pictures, Scrapbooks, and clothes!

I found these old Masimo Jeans from Target. I wore these hoes like every other day! Seriously they were my favorite jeans in the whole world! I showed the BF the jeans. I told him of my love of these perfectly worn in jeans. I also told him that I have finally found my offical goal of wanting to fit into these bad bitches by the end of this year! Thats my goal!

New Apartment:

I looooove our new apartment! Its beautiful and just enough for us! I cant wait to get it all decorated!
The BF is having a hard time with being a tad bit of a decorator...he's a little bit country and Im a lover of Im sure we can work something out! lol..

My Loves:

LadyBug loves her new bed! We're trying to train her. We want her to sleep in her bed at night...and she does really well! Until @4 in the morning and then she sneaks into our bed. Oh well..guess she's just lonely! We talked about getting her a sister....but that will be a ways away. I dont know if I can handle two dogs right now! lol..
I thought I would show you a cute outie I had picked out. I tought I looked cute anyway! lol... Hey im only here to impress one man! lol..

  Jeremy's mom is on the Cruise that caught on fire over the weekend. So everyone please pray for her. She should've been home Monday afternoon....but because of the fire they should be home tomorrow but we just pray that she and the rest of our family thats with her will remain safe. We have been able to be in contact with them throughout it all, but its still very difficult. Jeremy has been worried sick and hasnt been able to sleep. We know that there isnt much we can do, but we ask that everyone continue to pray for her and our family!

                                                                        I love these guys!

 2/13/13 just in time for V-day!!!
Mile: 13minutes or less
Weight: -2.5 lbs
20 push up NON-STOP
20 sit up, crunches, toe touches combo NON-STOP
1 minute plank
1 minute wall sit
CONFESSION: I have not worked out at all this week....since last Thursday evening to be exact(because of moving) however, we moved to a 2nd floor apartment...and I dont mind carrying boxes...


So I only lost .4 pounds...but its BETTER than gaining! So Im satisfied...especially with knowing that I havent gone to the gym.
Jeremy and I have an appointment with a new trainer at a new gym on Saturday @12:30. So Im finally going to be able to get some help! I'll let you guys know how that goes! yay!!! Im so excited!!
Peace and Love,

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