Thursday, February 7, 2013

Its only Thursday?!!

Golly!!! One more day till MOVING DAY!!!!

Im so excited...can you tell?!! The BF and I are just elated! New beginnings!

Ok, on to the biggest story of the day...My weight!

I've been kind of bummed out lately. I havent really seent the scale change.
When I first started wanting to lose weight I weighed 216 pounds!
(This was taken sometime in November)
I said that was it! I wasnt going to have it anymore!
So Now I weight 205 pounds. (Weighed myself this morning finally!)
I can just tast the 190's. I want it sooo badly to lose these last 5lbs in the 200's.
And two weeks ago I started the Ease into 5K Program. Its helped me alot with my running. I would be able to run a mile, but that was it. After a mile I would turn the treadmill off. In just two weeks its helped me to love running again! Im pushing more for distance than speed. I want to be a long distance runner. I want so badly to be one of those people who go on 5 or 8 mile runs.
Im continuing to eat healthy, and make healthier choices. I have removed all bad or unhealthy selections from my sight and my reach so that my only choice is to be a healthy eater. Ive seen the improvement in my runs. On a day where I will eat foods that have been processed Im dragging in the gym. But on days when I've eaten healthy and drank lots of water, I have a shit ton of energy and can run and run and run and lose track of time!
I love it when my shirts are wet and im dripping in my sweat after a good session on the treadmill.

All the older ladies in the gym look at me like im cray cray! But...Im not one to go into the gym and think Im too pretty to sweat! Hell no...You gotta work to get shit done! And watch me work, cuz the sweat pours and Im losing weight, while others are sitting...yes I said SITTING on the bikes talking about losing weight, instead of actually losing weight.
You cannot wish weight away, you have to put in the work.
This week I also started to log in my food into my myfitnesspal account.
So I think I have been kicking it up a notch. And like I said....I can just taste the 190's!!!! My goal is to hit 199 by the end of this month. YEP! THE END OF FEBRUARY!!! It will be done! I will accomplish it! You just watch!
On a lighter note...the BF and I are MOVING tomorrow. So if you dont hear from me for awhile...well thats why! I will be moving all of our crap and getting us situated all weekend!
So I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
Peace and Love,

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