Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accomplished, Satisfied, Sore!

Yesterday I felt angry, unsatisfied and let down.
Im not exactly sure why I felt this way, but I did. The other night when I went to the gym I said that I was going to hit it hard. And I felt as though I pushed myself.
I even did 10 whole minutes on the stair master(currently working up my time on that beast!)
Yep, Sorry its blurry. I didnt want to stop I was doing pretty good!
But I am still not feeling like Im pushing hard enough.
I see these other people in the gym that PUSH and come out DRIPPING IN THEIR SWEAT!
I WANT that!
I know your thinking eww....why do you want to be dripping sweat..
Why???!! Sweet satisfaction of feeling like I have actually earned that workout.
I push myself(I think). But im not a "pusher" type of person.
Im not a pusher at all. I'd rather just do it and do it at my pace. Its become so hard for me to keep going.
Yesterday morning Jeremy and I woke up at 4:15 and drugg our butts our to the gym! Before I got on the treadmille I said that I was going to keep going until I couldnt go any longer. This is where I physc myself out!!! I see that Ive completed a mile and BOOM my body is like...chick your done. Throw in the towel already.
I want soo badly to be the runner I used to be. Be the care free, sweating and running for miles carefree runner.
I ran on the treadmill for 15 mins and then we went and strength strained. Here is where I get frustrated as well.
Our new gym has all these peices of equipment. And I feel like a HUGE loser walking around and not knowing what/how to use anything.
So I want to go crawl into the Women's Only area so that I can just lift dumbbells. That way I know what and how much Im lifting and I can feel the burn in the proper place. When I use those machines I feel the burn everywhere else that it says on the machine guide says that you should feel it.
Am I doing it wrong?? Possibly
Do I want to do it right? To be honest, no!
Should I do it right?? YES!
Today I feel Accomplished, Satisfied, Sore!
We woke up again at 4:15am and let me just tell you. They say it gets easier...HECK NO!! Today was harder...But its just cuz we were sore! lol..
Accomplished:  Because for once I ran PAST 1 mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE accomplishment!
We said that today we were going to do 15 minute stations. 15Min tread 15Min weights and then 15Min StairMaster. Did we do that?
BUT I rand for a whole 15 minutes. 1.30 Miles. Thats pretty dang good! And I think I may have figured out why I wasnt making it past a mile.
Wanna know why? Of course you dont BUT I'll tell you anyways!!
MY SPEED! I was pushing my speed between 5.2 and 5.5
BUT thats incorrect. Im short (5'2'') and my legs are not long. So I have been struggling to keep up. When you run you shouldn't be out of breath. And I was!
So this morning I ecperimented with 4.8 and 4.9.
My rhythm was good and I kept the same pace throughout the whole 15mins. I could've gone longer. But in the mornings you have such a time schedule.
Satisfied:  Because I was sooo sweaty! I was even sweating when we got home, and you know what that means! Its still burning my fire! I was also satisfied because I was able to lift weights on my own. I did three sets of legs lifts, three sets of arm workouts with dumbbells,  squats and deadlifts. I like to pump weights because it makes me feel like im getting that extra burn in! And while Im lifting, I look in the mirror(no im not vein...far from it!) and I can see where the muscle is going to form! And that makes me feel satisfied!
Sore: Self explanatory!
Last night I cook a Pinterest inspired meal!
Lemon Pepper chicken with Parmesan broccoli macaroni
And Im not too sure what this was called, But I call it super easy and super good fruit poundy cake!!
Jerms loved both of them. He even got seconds on both!
I'll post the recipes up on my Recipe page! Check back for more updates!!
Until tomorrow, I leave you with a picture of ME!!

Peace and Love,

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