Friday, March 1, 2013

Casual Friday

Today is Casual/Jeans Friday. Like always...

And let me just start this post off by saying that I am going to vent dammit! I want to and this is my blog and I can!

Today at work is Casual/Jeans Friday...Like always.
I have a little complaining to do on this day. When my boss says to me; its casual/jeans friday... I think. Cool! I can put away the slacks and office attire for the week, and wear something cute...cuz ya never know Jerms might want to take me out later on.... wink wink! So, I walk in to work at 8am and let me just say, I am the youngest person that works in the office. And being the youngest and female is VERY hard! I mean the men are probably all like 35+ my senior and the 2 other women that work with me are 25+ my senior. I like clothes, I like jewelery, I like shoes, I love makeup, I like to do my hair differently every day.  I am NOT conservative, I am NOT boring, I am NOT going to dress dowdy and grandma-ish. I REFUSE to look like I dont give a shit.

Now, my bosses arent necessarily conservative. When I wear my "casual" clothes on Fridays they always comment on how good I look or how they like my boots, or wedges or shirt or what have you. And the other women in the office get upset...shut me out...dont talk to me etc... WHY??? I'll tell you why...Because I look like I give a shit. AND I DO NOT wear my pajamas to work!!!!!! I comb my hair, I put on makeup to look alive, and I wear a smile on my fave NO MATTER WHAT! I will NEVER let my bosses see anything other than happy(even if Im not) WHY?? Because this is there company and I have learned, that if you fo not show any effort to be present, or if you dont care or look miserable...they take if as "well if she doesnt want to be here, I guess I better start looking to replace her!" Uhhh...NO SIR! I love my job! I may not like the people I work with, but I am forever greatful and BLESSED to be in the position I am in. I have worked hard to be here, and I will only continue to climb up the corporate ladder.

But seriously, I wish that I could get away with taking a picture of what attire is worn here on casual/jeans friday. But I cant and I wouldnt. It would probably be pure embarassment.

These are my normal go to casual/jeans friday...YES I looove my grey skinnies...and thats prob the only time I get to wear em. So suck it if you dont like it! lol..

But my main point, is dont go anywhere looking frumpy. How you feel is should be how you look! And I feel awesome, so Im gonna look it! Plus I love my boyfriend, and I want to look good for him. Otherwise, He'll be looking at other cutely dressed girls...and who wants that??!! NOT ME!!!

Now, onto another story, I will be crafting this weekend for my home decor. Im super excited and cant wait to show you guys what I am doing!!! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!! I cannot wait for Beer:30 or Wine:15 or Margarita:45 ohhh yes!!

Peace and Love,

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