Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Arms Progress / My Personal Best

T = Treadmill and Triceps Thursday!

       I have it set in my mind that come summer time/sleeveless shirt time (also known as RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER or next week here in Texas!) I will have better looking arms than I did last year. I was just looking at a photo that I took with Jeremy just months ago actually and I can already see the difference in my arms!
Look at those fat arms of mine...please excuse my very handsome BF! lol..
This pic was taken back in the beginning of January...(I think)

 I try to lift weight about 3-4 times a week. Most of the time its more.
Reason being: You know that feeling you get when you start to see changes in your body for the first time...take me for example! Who? Me??!! Lol... I was starting to lose faith ready to throw in the towel on trying to lose weight. One Thursday evening Jeremy and I were standing in the middle of Kroger and I pointed out a healthy food that was on the rather expensive side...I mean what healthier food isn't these days?? Anywho...back to my point. He asked me if I wanted it then he would swing for it (we're on a budget) then he said if it makes you happy . In which I replied: what would make me happy is to be a fat kid that loves cake!  I don't actually care that much for cake... but you see my point!

Work in Progress...I know I'm not packing big guns yet...but at least they aren't flabby as shit anymore! lol..
I can definitely see a difference...

 My point is this: because I have worked on my arms and have actually started to see results im starting to be a bit ocd about them. When I go to the restroom at work, I flex to see if I can tell a difference from the day before...weird I know. But hey! I have  flabby arms!!
So I will continue to work on them and show you before and after photos! Because I will be proud of my sexy arms! Next goal is attacking my stomach then my love fat handles! And in between I will be working on the fat in between my legs!! The stair master is helping with that! So stick with it, get a routine and keep going!!! Im not going to give up. I will keep my head high and not stop until I am satisfied with my sexy beast becoming a sexy beauty!
Can you see it?? Be honest!!!
Also, after reading Tara's post the other day about Comfort Zone I decided after my very long, never ending bad day that I would PUSH myself past my comfort zone at the gym. And I did just that! Usually I only run until I reach a mile and then quit. Lately I've been timing myself instead of doing it by the mileage. And I think Im doing pretty good! I mean the fact that I can get past 2 miles in under 30 minutes is pretty good!
I ran 27 out of 31 minutes...and that my friends is my personal best so far! I pushed through the pain. I did a check list. Starting at my toes and worked my way up, nothing was hurting. So I kept going! And it felt WONDERFUL!!! I would've kept going but that's all I had time for! But I loved the feeling, the endorphins kicking up and everything. Just thinking about my run yesterday still makes me smile! Seriously, Im grinning from ear to ear writing this! It means a lot to me and Im hoping that by the end of this month I can say that I can run 3.5 to 4 Miles a day!
Speaking of "by the end of this month" I know that last month (February) I said that I was going to be under 200 lbs...well due to us moving and other miscellaneous things going on at the time(excuses i know) I was unable to reach my goal. But this April 1, 2013. Come hell or high water I will weigh under 200 lbs!! Even if it kills me.
Here's what I weigh this morning:

Not too bad. Just have to keep going!!!!!
And I want to send a shout out to my FIRST TWO followers!!!!
You know you who are! And congrats on being my first two!!!! Thank you ladies!
Also HUGE thanks to Hubby Jack!  I'm one of a couple featured on his blog today and I couldn't be more excited!!! I've never been featured on any one's Cheers to my first time being featured!!!

 So I hope that everyone has a blessed, peaceful and rewarding Thursday!
Happy Steak and BJ Day!!! ahahaaaa!!!


  1. Hey there! I found you on Hubby Jack's blog this morning! I definitely think you can see a big difference in your arms! Way to go! Like Mama L says, "Progress, not perfection!" I'm pregnant with my first child (due June 3) and I'm anxious to get this weight off once I'm cleared to work out. I'll be following your blog for some inspiration, so keep it up, girl...the world is watching :)

    - Crissy S.

    1. Thanks Crissy! Sooo exciting that your pregnant! Im like mentally ready to have children...but figure maem! Haha! Thank you for tuning in! Your words help inspire and motivate me everyday!