Monday, March 4, 2013

Marilyn Monday!

This weekend, I really wanted to craft and get some good workouts in. But the BF worked on Saturday which left me with doing household chores by myself. No we dont live in a two story 5 bedroom, 3 bath castle or anything. But cleaning is big business...especially how I clean. So I reorganized our closet to both of our likings.. and cleaned the floor and vacuumed everywhere! I also got through only 1/2 of our massive pile of laundry. How we generate soo much dirty clothing I have no clue...I guess from all of our workout at least it clean! YAY!!

I cooked this recipe I found on Pinterest for Chicken. Its called OMG Chicken...It was the BOMB!!!
It was sooo dang good I made it Friday AND Sunday! lol..
I'll put the recipe up on the Recipe page.

Saturday I checked the mailbox and I got my Spark sample from Roxanne! Im super excited...but Im saving it for Friday. Fridays are the days when Im dragging and not wanting to get out of bed to go to the gym in the morning...Ya know, 4:00AM comes early! Like whayyyy early! lol..

We got a workout in on Sunday evening, and I was pretty proud of myself. I ran for 20MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!!! That was 1.62Miles in 20 minutes people!!! The most ever!!! Usually by minute 9 I have to take a 2 Minute walking break...but not this time!! I was soo elated! I did it! Next...30MINUTES!!!!
I didnt do the treadmill this morning, I thought I would do Cardio Circuits and then did some dumbbell workouts. And I was soo sweaty! My main goal was to get my back sweaty! And I did just that. I had wings people! WINGS!!!! 

This morning I made a very tasty omelet! It was soo freaking good!
It was sooo good! I'll post my Recipe/Process up on my Recipe Page!
And then I thought I would take a Before and After pic of when I did my makeup.
I've said before I used to wear a crap ton of makeup...I was a professional airbrush makeup artist for almost 3 years (loved every minute of it!) (Still thinking of getting back into it!)
But I dont like a crap ton of makeup anymore. I guess because my skin is better now than it was, and the BF likes to see ME! And hey lets face it...Im not here to impress or please anyone other than him...He is the man I will marry some day. So duhh...It makes sense!
Anywho...I hope that we all have a wonderful Monday!
Happy Marilyn Monday!!!
Peace and Love,

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