Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunshine Run!

I got off early from work yesterday and on my way home I realized that with the daylight savings we have more sunlight. And the sunshine was so beautiful by the time I got to my neighborhood. So I decided to take LadyBug out on a run. My abck was still sore, and I stopped off at CVS and pick up those Icy Hot sticky things you put on sore muscles...I got home and stretched a little and then laced up. Lady was soo excited, she loves to get out and smell new things!

So, we went! I only did a mile because A. my back was still tight and very sore, and B. it was windy as all get out! I could'nt breath half the time on the way back! lol...

It felt good to get out and run in the sunshine. I used to run only outside(before I could afford the gym membership!) And I loved every minute of it. You get a healthy source of Vitamin D and the good weather just puts you in a good mood! I felt kind of refreshed...even though my back issue was still present. But I didnt really feel it. The only time I felt it was when I stopped or sat in my car and drove home. Adrenaline/Endorphins?? who knows... But I had a blast! And so did LB!
 How could you not think she's the cutest?? She loooves car rides!

She seriously is the sweetest dog, and maybe its because I dont have any children of my own...but I love her! She is my baby!
Last night for dinner Jeremy and I made Lemon Pepper chicken and veggies. I talked to him a few nights ago about eating cleaner. So we're trying to!

We bought a couple of packs of boneless skinless chicken breast halves and I take them out of the pack and seperate and put them in Ziploc Freezer bags.
I sliced one lemon and one green onion, added it to the chicken along with Lemon Pepper seasoning and pepper and I also added Cayenne. Mix it up so that everything gets coated.
I then added it to a glass casserole dish with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jeremy put butter on it(umm not following directions of eating cleaner buddy!) I bitched..but lost the battle.
Bake in 450 for 30-45 minutes
We had out lemon pepper chicken with garlic broccoli and cauliflower...sooo good!
Then I rested the rest of the evening with an icy hot on my back and later soak in a very hot(hot as i could stand it) and just relaxed. After about 30 minutes I got out and felt soo much better. I think one more night of ding this and I'll be back in tip top shape! Yay!


Peace and Love,

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