Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Friday I had a post all written up, but I read it and re-read it and realized I was all over the place and emotional in it. And I thought...who wants to read that bull crap! LOL..Plus I've been under some pressure due to my job. And lots of things changing in the past week so Im trying to balance it all.

So my weekend update:

Friday morning we went to the gym; we have to get up at 3:30am since I have to be at work before 7am. I bought some compression capris that were on sale at Old Navy Thursday evening...they are Purple...Kind of felt like Barney wearing them...Oh well.
Eww! Im not so sure why I look squished...oh well!

 That night Jerms and I had a date night. We went to El Toro (his fav place to go for Mexican) because it was our cheat night...well his, and I just made it mine. Cuz how can one cheat and not the other?? It just doesn't work that way! lol... I had a Skinny Rita; which was soooo good! I needed it for sure!
I tried out a new lipstick Cover Girl Temptress charmeuse...I like!

Then we cuddled and read out Workout Magazines!
Keep yourself informed, up to date and inspired!!!

Saturday we had Jeremy's God Father's funeral service. It was beautiful and everyone had very nice and honest things to say about Uncle Marvin. It was very nice to see some of Jeremy's other family. I like meeting his family and being able to connect with them. My extended family is so far (Maryland/Virginia/Michigan) so it's hard to connect with them. But most all of Jeremy's family lives here in Texas! Which is great! And being that my family isn't very close, Family is important to me. Especially my immediate family. I want my kids to be each other's best friends and want to be in each other's lives. I have that problem now with my siblings; we are all different and due to our upbringing we weren't taught that your siblings are the most important friends you have...but I digress on that subject...

After Uncle Marvin's funeral Jerm's and I went to Mattress Firm. We needed a new bed!

We tried out several beds...

Almost fell asleep I was so comfortable!
Then....we found the one we wanted!!!
And during the "buying" phase...I couldn't help but be proud of my new shoes I got on sale @Payless!! Holla!!! ps...I need a pedi BAD!
After we finalized, we went home to relax a little bit and then head to Gym's!
I was trying out a shirt that my friend gave me. I love hand me down workout clothes........Yay for Free-90-Free! But Im still too self conscious to wear it to the gym...IDK why, but I would just rather wear a t-shirt. It hides my belly fat/jiggle when I run and it's not hugging in any weird places. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able to be comfortable in actual workout tanks...but for now...T-shirts are just fine. Plus I like seeing my sweat! (weirdo)

When we got to the gym Jerm's and I headed straight for the Stair Master. I did 20 Mins on that, then I went and lifted weights and did some squats and lunges and sit ups in the Women's gym for about 30 Mins. Then i went upstairs for Jeremy to help me work on my back and abs.

So he makes me hold the medicine ball above my head for 1 minute and then we trade. He does his, but he goes up and down with a 10 lb weight. And while he's doing that I do squats with a resistance band. And then we switch. We do this 2 or three times. Basically until I can't hold the ball anymore. I'm still feeling it today!

 Workout complete so we went to Walmart to do out shopping for the week. I hate that place...but you really cannot beat it. But the RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL cashier threw all of our groceries in the bags, and didnt say shit to us. She was too busy running her mouth at her friend behind me. I almost said something, but I didnt want to cause a scene and Jeremy was with me; not that that would have stopped me but I just felt like it would'nt have done any good to raise awareness to her being that way. It's not like Walmart cares about their customer service anyhow...we all know they dont!
Sunday was an easy day. We cleaned did laundry and went to the gym.
We also discovered a new beer that we like...Its called Angry Orchard. If anyone knows who sells it...please let me know. I wanna like buy stock on that stuff. It is soooo good! I basically chugged my whole cup! It doesnt even taste like beer!
I was wearing green stripped socks and my green skull Brady Bands for St. Patty's Day; but I forgot to get a pic! Opps!

And I just have to brag on my boyfriend! (because I can)
 On our way to the gym he bought and pumped my gas for me. And I just have to say how Flippin nice it is to have a boyfriend that does this! He also bought me new tires and a lifetime alignment on my car. Seriously, he is the best! He works so hard, makes good money and yet he gives up going to a concert that he really REALLY wanted to go to this weekend(Eric Clapton) to buy things to keep me safe.
He thinks about his son, and our future children in alot of his choices. Just the other day he said how he wanted a motorcycle but that he had given up that dream, because he believes that a man who has kids shouldn't be on one...and I believe the same. It made me smile because it shows that he cares and loves us so much.
 We have been through alot, it's been a struggle waiting for him to become such a great man. But when you wait patiently, you often get the best of someone. And I am truly grateful for him. I thank God for him daily. He is my rock and my best friend. My life would be very dull without him. He makes our lives fun everyday; weather it be screaming my name in the middle of a store to find me, or dancing in the kitchen. He makes me smile and laugh everyday!
I love you babe! And thank you for all that you do! xoxo
Also, we got a new bed!!!! Its a KING size!!! And we're so excited....well I was! Jeremy must not know that its a King size...Or maybe he just wanted to test out my side last night...Oh well...he keeps me warm throughout the night!
And I cant wait to get a new bedspread and set for it!!! Yay!!
So that was my boring weekend! Im hoping to take a Zumba class tonight...for the first time in like 3 or 4 years. So I will let you know how it goes!!!
What did yall do this weekend?? Anything exciting for St. Patty's?? Have any workout plans tonight??
Also, Im thinking of doing my First Giveaway!!! Maybe when I get to 20 followers...right now I'm at 10!!!
Peace and love,


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