Thursday, January 2, 2014

Laynie Harper

She's here! my baby girl is here!!!
And I have been trying to post this for 4 days

A little about my Labor & Delivery Experience:

So Monday Dec 16th I woke up and had a headache. I figured I just needed to rest for the day. So I posted upon the couch and watched Vanderpump Rules reruns. (my fav reality show at the moment) Then around 10:30 am I slipped into a nap and wokeup at 2.30. Still having the horrible headache but now I also had body aches and a fever. Scared for the fever alone, I texted my doula and asked what I should do. She gave me a home remedy and I also took one tylenol to try to break my fever. I decided to take another nap to see if just relaxing would go away. I also took several baths (when I dont feel good, you can always find me in the bathtub) It was time for Jerms to go to work, and he was worried. I told him that I would be ok, and that if anything changes, I would call him. 
I decided to have some soup and take a shower. 
Towards the end of my shower, I started shaking. Something didn't feel right. 
I decided to call it a night, so I was walking into the living room to turn the lights and tv off and I couldn't go past the kitchen, I had to run to the sink. 
I threw up several times. 
I called Jeremy right away, and told him he HAD to come home. 
I got dressed, called my emergency Dr phone number and she said I needed to go ahead and go to Labor & Delivery triage. 
Jeremy got home in 20 minutes, we grabbed the bags and were out the door. 

We got to L&D at 10:30 pm and they immediatly took me into Triage. I still had a fever, and they swiped my nose and tested it for the flu.
It came back negative, blood pre!ure what out the roof. 
My stand in Dr decided to keep me and she wanted to go ahead and induce me. 
Because I was 39 weeks 4 days I was full term and it was ok to not be pregnant anymore. And I was still just dilated to a 1. (To say I was disappointed was an understatement)

So I was hooked up to an IV for fluids, I was dehydrated and didn't even know it. They also started me on Tamiflu just in case I was getting the flu. 
Meanwhile this whole time, I was also having very faint contractions, but didn't know it.
Dr Gayle came into my room around 5:30am and gave me a break down of what would be happning to get the ball rolling....or baby rolling...hahah!!
So fast forward to Wednesday at 9am. My contractions were sooooo intense because of the Pitocin. I wanted her out soo bad. So in my mind I declared that she would be out before10am. 

By 9:30am I neeed to push. I screamed out I HAVE to push!!!! So the  nurse checked me and I was dilated to  a 9. I couldn't push yet, otherwise I was going to tear.  2 contractions later, I was crossing my legs trying to hold her in. I yelled for them to get the Dr. The stand in Dr came in and informed us that they couldn't get ahold of Dr Gayle. At that point I couldn't wait any longer. Sjewas coming out right then. So I told the stand in Dr Let's go I cant wait any longer.
So a few minutes and about 5 pushes later...She was out! Wednesday December 18th 9:52am 7lbs 11oz 21inches long.

I did mot have an epidural as planned. I do NOT regret it. I was able to take a shower after I fed her and I had a great experience as far as delivering her.

I could not be more in love. She is an angel, shes just so beautiful. More beautiful than I ever thought she would be.
Im loving motherhood. And I cannot wait to watch her grow!
So stay tuned with us!