Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 and BabyBug Creations

This year has been THE YEAR!

I'm serious, I was just sitting here, listening to my new found loooove Lana Del Rey (Summertime Sadness Cedric Gervais remix is the Shizz!) And I was thinking, so many of my friends, (virtually: Instagram and reality) and girls I used to be so close with and still kind of keep in touch with have all been super blessed this year!

I know alot of the girls I used to attend church with all got married this year. The last one in the group to get married is Sadie and she is soo precious and sweet. She's getting married in November. I remember when we were both single and just talking about how we wish God would bring someone into our lives that he saw fit. And looking at her and her fiance I just could not have picked a better person for her. 
 My friend Ashley is expecting her first baby! She's about 3 weeks behind me; which is really cool and weird at the same time! Haha! But we are both around the same age and I just love her and her husband. Seriously they are the funniest, funnest and sweetest most perfect for each other couple you could ever meet. They balance each other out so well, and I am so happy that I met them both! And that we get to go through this together....although we dont live near each other (me in Texas, she in Florida) we still text each other and its still an amazing experience for both of us.
 My sister was accepted and has completed her first week of Texas State Trooper Training in Austin, Tx. This has been her dream since we were little girls. Its amazing to see someone set a goal at such a young age, when you have no idea what the world would be like when you reach the age of 26. And you still strive, push and pull for your number one dream! I'm proud of her, and sad at the same time. Due to training being a six month long process, she will miss the birth of my first child. But I cannot wait to surprise her at her graduation. It will be great.
 And then I see my Instagram friends like SkinnyMeg and cupcake23 both had infertility issues, and BOTH are pregnant! I mean does God work wonders and miracles or what? Seriously, this is the year to either fall in love, get married or have babies!
 I cannot express how happy I am that Jeremy and I are expecting our first one together. It's such a wonderful feeling and I'm only just beginning!

Also, I have to Let you guys know about a cute store on Etsy. Etsy has become my newest obsession. seriously, Im on there like every night looking for stuff and at stuff for inspiration. I like to DIY a lot of things. And other than Pinterest, Etsy is another great sight to see what others have created. So I was on there looking for Maxi skirts, because I have a hard time finding the ones in the stores to fit. Because Im short. And most maxis sold in stores are one length fits all...well not this 5' 2'' frame honey! Soo....I came across Baby Bug! She customizes the maxis to fit you! So I got mine in the mail on Monday.

I was suuuper excited. Because they have a yoga style band. So you can fold it down to fit your comfort which is going to be great for my growing baby belly!

I got the Grey and Coral chevron. The coral I wore the other day and I paired it with a white v-neck t shirt and my turquoise sandals. The grey I'm wearing today and I paired it with a black v-neck with my silver dagger necklace, turquoise rose earrings and turquoise sandals. And I feel so pretty and put together.

The skirts come in different colors and like I said you send her your waist and length measurements and in a few weeks you have your custom maxi! I just ordered another one this morning! lol.. So if you want to check her out go HERE! And please do because they are perfectly priced for my budget and they are sooo worth it and I feel soo comfortable and amazing in them!

I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderfully relaxing weekend! I'm sooo ready for 4:00pm! Until next time guys!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little Linky poo!

So today I decided to Link up with Jake and Holly! Because I just LOOVE Holly! But I dont ever comment or participate. And today I thought...what the hell! Lets go crazy! haha. Plus her Hubby totally rocks my blog design!


If I had one extra hour in the day...  I would take a nap! Being preggo...I need one!
I wish my name...   (I would only change my first name) to Talon; my mom originally wanted to name me that, but my grandmother said no...So I would change it to Talon Cecelia
I think anything chevron is...  Perty, Im not thaaaaat into it, but I'll wear it.
My last nightmare...  My baby was born 20 lbs! Holy mother! Could you imagine! lol..
Sometimes...  I just wanna give up and stuff my face with Taco Bell and cakes (all of them!) 
My last meal on earth would be... Hmmm...Maryland Blue Crabs, Lobster, Broccoli cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, Hawaiian sweet rolls with homemade garlic butter and a bottomless coke.

I would much rather be_smart____ than_ignorant___.
Mayonnaise... Mayonnaise a lot of people doing this link up! muahahahaha!
10 years ago, I didn't think... I would be alive or in love with a baby on the way.
Selfishly... If I was a selfish person, I would get my nails and hair done every month, and take some of Jerm's money to go shopping! lol..but Im not selfish! And Im proud of that! I believe in providing for my family first!
My favorite show on TV right now...  I dont watch tv. But if I had to choose, Pretty Little Liars!
And, George Zimmerman... All I have to say is, if Trayvon was alive to tell his side of the story, Im pretty sure it would be a totally different verdict. But whats done is done, and rioting on a busy Houston, Tx Highway where people could get hurt, killed is NOT the way to make your voice heard! Just sayin!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Healthy Healthy Baby!

So last night was my first night to begin slowly working out again. If you haven't been paying attention, or are just tunning in. I am 18 weeks pregnant and last week my energy just returned from a black hole. Seriously, I had no energy, no motivation NADA!

So when I started getting my energy back last week, I decided...the time has come...for me to gte my ass in that gym once again! YAY!

Seriously, I had a nightmare the other night of me being this huge fat pregnant, over sized, can fit in a chair taco bell hoarding woman. Annnnd, umm no thanks! Especially after I have fought so hard to lose 20lbs before I got pregnant!

So I refuse to be unprepared. I also read a lady's blog.(I wish I could remember what the name of it is so that I can reference it...but I cant!) Anyways, I found it on Pinterest and she had written about losing weight after pregnancy. She said you have to keep in account what your body looked like before you got pregnant, and also how active you are while you are pregnant. That got me thinking. Well, my thighs were getting slimmer, my butt was getting rounder, my arms were getting smaller, my stomach was getting less fleshy and smaller. BUT I halted my workouts for 17 weeks. BAD IDEA! I wish I would have continued to workout. But I cannot go back and change it. The reason I didn't though was because I couldn't stand the smell. In the early stages (well really all stages) my smeller has been heightened. So I can smell like nobody's business. And mind you our gym is clean, they have a 24 hour cleaning service on sight, you can always see a cleaning lady walking around cleaning random stuff and equipment. So it's not that it stinks, but I could pick up the slightest scent of sweat (and it wasnt mine; which grossed me out!) Seriously, I almost threw up one day. So I stopped going. But my dream and fear has got me going again!

I did the elyptical for 25 minutes and the sitting bike for 15 minutes. I think tomorrow I will do inclined treadmill for 25 minutes and the elyptical for 25 minutes. I am also trying to keep my heart rate under 160. I reserached that you should try to keep it under 140 when pregnant and working out. But when Im exercising my heart rate goes to 138 in a matter of a few minutes. So I felt comfortable at 160. I didnt have any pain, tugging feeling or anything else. Other than being uncomfortable on the sitting bike. I think Friday I will do the regular bike. I dont like sitting like that, like your in a chair and your peddling....can we say boooring! lol...

So yea, my first workout was great! I am hoping to keep this up and continue to have a healthy pregnancy and bounce back after! Jeremy cannot wait until after the baby is born and I get cleared to go back in the gym again, so he can "kick my butt" into shape again! Oh lord help me! haha!

Last nights dinner...I wanted this sooo bad and let me tell you it was sooo good!

Healthier-spaghetti bake   (made with ground turkey)
garlic sweet hawaiian rolls (homemade garlic butter yumm..)

I have been craving broccoli like a mad woman. Good thing its good for me huh?! lol...

I'm continuing to eat healthier as well as working out three to fours days a week. Cuz I tell ya, these pregnancy cravings for just about anything fast food are no bueno!!!

Our morning snack consist of:

Quaker Oats Maple and Brown Sugar 100 Calorie packs with fresh fruit! Its soo yummie and satifying!!!

Then I usually have a yogurt before lunch and then lunch is a carb with lots of veggies and more fruit after lunch. I have gotten to where I need to eat a peice of fruit on the way home, because if not...McDonald's french fries will call my name. And I pass by three...THREE of them!! Goodness me! lol..

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting again...

   This morning I am feeling a little nauseous. I woke up suddenly because Jerms thought he set the alarm clock, but I guess he set it for happens all the time, but my inner clock kicks in on those days. So we are never ever terribly late to work! lol..
But I got up and immediately started making our breakfasts and lunches. And every morning I ask myself, why and the heck dont you do this at night so that you can sleep for 15 extra minutes...I like the torture I guess. Anyways, So i finished that and I got a big o'le glass of water (Im usually sooo thirsty in the morning, like a fish out of water thirsty) and I drank it slowly as I walked to my bathroom to start on my mess of hair for the day. Well I finished drinking my whole glass of water, I bent over to get something off the floor, and I felt it. That nasty, sick gross feeling when your about to throw up all over the place. And my body started shaking...but, no throw up! A miracle I thought, but then it happened again. Right after Jerms kissed me good bye for the day, I had a sudden feeling to rush over to the porcelain throne...but nothing...again!!!  What is this? I thought, well maybe I'm just hungry.
 Last night we had his mom and step-dad over for a little pool time and dinner. We made Turkey/Ham-burgers. One fact about Jeremy and I is that we dont eat Hamburger meat. It would have to be a rare occasion. Like if we're at someones house and they cooked for us, or if in cases like last night his mom isn't a huge fan of ground turkey. So when we have guests eating, we mix turkey and hamburger together. And let me tell ya. Its sooo freaking good! I mean turkey burgers alone are good, but mix it will a little bit of hamburger meat...yummm. Anywas, so I had a turkey/ham-burger w/cheese lettuce, onion, mayo,mustard, tomato. The only thing that was missing was pickles. (MMMMM)
So I ate one with the new Lay's tomato basil chips...(umm yumm btw) And I kind of forced myself to eat the rest of the burger. Lately I haven't been able to eat all of my food. I get about 3/4 done and then Im so full. But last night, I hadnt had anything to eat in over 2 hours and was starving, especially after getting out of the pool. So I ate it...all.. But then when I was in the shower. About 2 hours later, my stomach started growling. I was like Ummm hello bebe in there. We just ate! All of our food! So I opted for fresh fruit bowl. Banana, peach, green grapes. It was yummmie!

Lady and I hung out a lot this weekend. Every where I was she wanted to go. And when I go on little trips (run in run out types) she gets to go with me. And she likes to sit in Brayden's booster seat! lol..shes so funny!

On Saturday, after I cleaned my kitchen, living room and guest bathroom like a mad woman. I did a little weekly meal planning! So I went to the store. Anyone know about Joe V's? Holly cow everything is on sale. Pretty good pricing too! So I planned out our meals for the week, set out to the store, and kept in mind that I didn't want to spend over $150. Also, I grabbed a quick snack before I left the house. A couple of weeks ago I learned that being pregnant and practically hungry all the time, I cant go to the store without a snack. Because I will want to tear down all the junk food isle. So I heated up some edemame and snacked on it throughout my grocery store trip. So I got everything I needed and got to the register, and a young girl rang me up. I was busy putting my bags in my basket and she said my total. I asked her to repeat it, to make sure she didn't miss a 1 in there somewhere. She said $50.46. I was like no way. No way did I get all of this food for 50 bucks! I mean I got EVERYTHING that I needed for the week, fruit, snacks, dinners etc. For 50bucks!! A steel! Bargain shopping is awesome!

I also made Jerms a pineapple upside down crock pot cake. He tore it up! Seriously, they could not stay out of it. Im surprised there was a little piece left this morning. But the recipe is sooo easy.

     1-20oz Can of crushed or tidbits Pineapples, drained 
     3/4C brown sugar
     1 stick of butter
     1-box of pound cake mix, follow mixing directions on box
     Crock pot

Melt the butter in a sauce pan on medium heat. Stir in brown sugar. Right before the caramel starts to melt, dump in your drained pineapples. Stir for about a minute or two to get pineapples canalized and coated really well. Then dump that into the bottom of your crock pot.
Mix the pound cake according to the box directions. Then evenly dump over the pineapples in crock pot. Set your crock pot for two hours on High.
After the timer goes off, give a few minutes for it to cool down some, and turn the crock pot over onto your serving dish. The cake should slide right out onto the dish. Let it cool, and dig in! Seriously best, moist cake EVER!

After work today I am going to go hit up the gym for a little workout. As I said last week I am going to start slowly working out again. Now that some of my energy has returned. So that starts tonight! yay! Im excited. I have this reoccurring fear everyday that Im going to turn into a big fat pregnant whale. And noooo we dont want that! lol..So I am continuing to eat healthy and now starting back to exercise.

I hope that everyone has a great Monday! Its dark and rainy and thunder and lighting here, so happy thoughts during this sad weather!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update...17 weeks

Hi everyone! I know its been FO-ever!!!! lol...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much. I'm sure there are a few of you who actually read my blog that are probably wondering how I'm we are doing.

But quite frankly, I just have not been motivated to blog. I've been doing a lot of research on all thing baby. And just trying to get mentally prepared that I am going to be a mom.
Like a really actual mom. To a human being that will be dependant on me for all things! OH-EM-GEEE!! Im excited, but I am also in a bit of fear. (To be honest)

Anyways, Im trying to get over that and just be enveloped in the excitement of whats to come!
I'm super excited! And I thought I would fill you guys in, with some of the questions that my family and friends ask.

How far along are you?
I am 17 weeks today! The baby is growing. All of my test so far have come back good and the doctor has reassured me that so far I am perfectly healthy as is the baby.

How have you been feeling?
Better than my first tri-mester. But I still get the occassional naseau =( I have a little bit more energy, but its disappears by 3pm. On the weekends I get about an hour nap in on a good day. Sometimes I just lay there and rest. And by rest I mean by catching up on my Instagram! lol..

Boy or Girl?
We don't find out what it is yet until I'm at least 22 - 24 weeks. Which that will put me around August August 22nd.
Which we are going to have a Gender Reveal Party! And I am super excited about that. Due to this being my first baby, I want to go all out. Cuz right now, I'm just not so sure I'm wanting to go through all of this again! But that will be determined in years to come.

Have you bought anything?
I actually have NOT bought anything for the baby. I know that my mother and Jeremy's mom has! lol.. But I just want to find out what it is before I go shopping! I haven't even bought a baby book. But I know the number one book on my list is Baby Wise! I have heard/read so many great reviews about it I cannot wait to dive into that book! I've been looking on Pinterest lik everyday and pinning some super cute clothes and room ideas and stuff. Ohh..I just cant wait!

Have you gained any weight?
I have NOT gained any weight. Im still at 197. Which I will take any day over gaining any types of the 20 pounds that I lost previous to getting knocked up! haha. But seriously, I know its for a good cause (hello baby) but, I am afraid to be a bigger, looser, squishier fatty after I deliver. Which comes to my next one.

Are you still working out?
No, currently I am not. I know, I know shame on me. But let me tell you, between the nausea and not sure of what to eat to keep my food down (which I have done successfully thank you) But I haven't been motivated to do anything. I mean thank goodness that buns are in this summer, because that's how my hair has been every single day! It's easy, I only have to straighten the front, and put a few pins here and there, curl my growing out bangs and BOOM cute hairstyle. And makeup, lets not get on that train! lol...I've been wearing my Loreal BB Cream, some bronzer, blush and mascara; if I feel like it. I've been wearing hats, and tube dresses on the weekends to keep comfortable!
Im sooo tan! Thats what hanging out at the lake does to you!
Even with sunscreen on!

But I declared last night to Jerms that next week I WILL be getting back to the gym. I asked my doctor if it was ok to continue to exercise and she said that it is. As long as I don't over-push myself, to know my limits and stop when I need to, keep hydrated and also limit to a couple of times a week. So that's my plan. I'm going to be starting this weekend and I'll be going slow. I don't want to harm the baby or myself. So I will be paying attention to how I feel. I know that it will help me with sleeping better, and having more energy throughout the day. Which I really need!

I have also been keeping my eating to rather healthy.
Ceasar Chicken Salad (what was left!)

 I still let myself a couple of times a week indulge in a healthy portioned serving of a treat. I cant deprive myself of everything! I wouldnt last a week! lol...

So, thats an update on me and the Baby! I will try to make more of an effort to keep you guys posted on how she/he is cooking! haha.