Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update...17 weeks

Hi everyone! I know its been FO-ever!!!! lol...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much. I'm sure there are a few of you who actually read my blog that are probably wondering how I'm we are doing.

But quite frankly, I just have not been motivated to blog. I've been doing a lot of research on all thing baby. And just trying to get mentally prepared that I am going to be a mom.
Like a really actual mom. To a human being that will be dependant on me for all things! OH-EM-GEEE!! Im excited, but I am also in a bit of fear. (To be honest)

Anyways, Im trying to get over that and just be enveloped in the excitement of whats to come!
I'm super excited! And I thought I would fill you guys in, with some of the questions that my family and friends ask.

How far along are you?
I am 17 weeks today! The baby is growing. All of my test so far have come back good and the doctor has reassured me that so far I am perfectly healthy as is the baby.

How have you been feeling?
Better than my first tri-mester. But I still get the occassional naseau =( I have a little bit more energy, but its disappears by 3pm. On the weekends I get about an hour nap in on a good day. Sometimes I just lay there and rest. And by rest I mean by catching up on my Instagram! lol..

Boy or Girl?
We don't find out what it is yet until I'm at least 22 - 24 weeks. Which that will put me around August August 22nd.
Which we are going to have a Gender Reveal Party! And I am super excited about that. Due to this being my first baby, I want to go all out. Cuz right now, I'm just not so sure I'm wanting to go through all of this again! But that will be determined in years to come.

Have you bought anything?
I actually have NOT bought anything for the baby. I know that my mother and Jeremy's mom has! lol.. But I just want to find out what it is before I go shopping! I haven't even bought a baby book. But I know the number one book on my list is Baby Wise! I have heard/read so many great reviews about it I cannot wait to dive into that book! I've been looking on Pinterest lik everyday and pinning some super cute clothes and room ideas and stuff. Ohh..I just cant wait!

Have you gained any weight?
I have NOT gained any weight. Im still at 197. Which I will take any day over gaining any types of the 20 pounds that I lost previous to getting knocked up! haha. But seriously, I know its for a good cause (hello baby) but, I am afraid to be a bigger, looser, squishier fatty after I deliver. Which comes to my next one.

Are you still working out?
No, currently I am not. I know, I know shame on me. But let me tell you, between the nausea and not sure of what to eat to keep my food down (which I have done successfully thank you) But I haven't been motivated to do anything. I mean thank goodness that buns are in this summer, because that's how my hair has been every single day! It's easy, I only have to straighten the front, and put a few pins here and there, curl my growing out bangs and BOOM cute hairstyle. And makeup, lets not get on that train! lol...I've been wearing my Loreal BB Cream, some bronzer, blush and mascara; if I feel like it. I've been wearing hats, and tube dresses on the weekends to keep comfortable!
Im sooo tan! Thats what hanging out at the lake does to you!
Even with sunscreen on!

But I declared last night to Jerms that next week I WILL be getting back to the gym. I asked my doctor if it was ok to continue to exercise and she said that it is. As long as I don't over-push myself, to know my limits and stop when I need to, keep hydrated and also limit to a couple of times a week. So that's my plan. I'm going to be starting this weekend and I'll be going slow. I don't want to harm the baby or myself. So I will be paying attention to how I feel. I know that it will help me with sleeping better, and having more energy throughout the day. Which I really need!

I have also been keeping my eating to rather healthy.
Ceasar Chicken Salad (what was left!)

 I still let myself a couple of times a week indulge in a healthy portioned serving of a treat. I cant deprive myself of everything! I wouldnt last a week! lol...

So, thats an update on me and the Baby! I will try to make more of an effort to keep you guys posted on how she/he is cooking! haha.


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  1. That's so exciting! Being able to start a family is one of my main reasons that I've wanted to get healthy and lose weight. Even if I'm struggling with staying focused lately... Lol!

    Just glad you're doing ok and that baby is coming along nicely. Enjoy this time girl!! =)