Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 and BabyBug Creations

This year has been THE YEAR!

I'm serious, I was just sitting here, listening to my new found loooove Lana Del Rey (Summertime Sadness Cedric Gervais remix is the Shizz!) And I was thinking, so many of my friends, (virtually: Instagram and reality) and girls I used to be so close with and still kind of keep in touch with have all been super blessed this year!

I know alot of the girls I used to attend church with all got married this year. The last one in the group to get married is Sadie and she is soo precious and sweet. She's getting married in November. I remember when we were both single and just talking about how we wish God would bring someone into our lives that he saw fit. And looking at her and her fiance I just could not have picked a better person for her. 
 My friend Ashley is expecting her first baby! She's about 3 weeks behind me; which is really cool and weird at the same time! Haha! But we are both around the same age and I just love her and her husband. Seriously they are the funniest, funnest and sweetest most perfect for each other couple you could ever meet. They balance each other out so well, and I am so happy that I met them both! And that we get to go through this together....although we dont live near each other (me in Texas, she in Florida) we still text each other and its still an amazing experience for both of us.
 My sister was accepted and has completed her first week of Texas State Trooper Training in Austin, Tx. This has been her dream since we were little girls. Its amazing to see someone set a goal at such a young age, when you have no idea what the world would be like when you reach the age of 26. And you still strive, push and pull for your number one dream! I'm proud of her, and sad at the same time. Due to training being a six month long process, she will miss the birth of my first child. But I cannot wait to surprise her at her graduation. It will be great.
 And then I see my Instagram friends like SkinnyMeg and cupcake23 both had infertility issues, and BOTH are pregnant! I mean does God work wonders and miracles or what? Seriously, this is the year to either fall in love, get married or have babies!
 I cannot express how happy I am that Jeremy and I are expecting our first one together. It's such a wonderful feeling and I'm only just beginning!

Also, I have to Let you guys know about a cute store on Etsy. Etsy has become my newest obsession. seriously, Im on there like every night looking for stuff and at stuff for inspiration. I like to DIY a lot of things. And other than Pinterest, Etsy is another great sight to see what others have created. So I was on there looking for Maxi skirts, because I have a hard time finding the ones in the stores to fit. Because Im short. And most maxis sold in stores are one length fits all...well not this 5' 2'' frame honey! Soo....I came across Baby Bug! She customizes the maxis to fit you! So I got mine in the mail on Monday.

I was suuuper excited. Because they have a yoga style band. So you can fold it down to fit your comfort which is going to be great for my growing baby belly!

I got the Grey and Coral chevron. The coral I wore the other day and I paired it with a white v-neck t shirt and my turquoise sandals. The grey I'm wearing today and I paired it with a black v-neck with my silver dagger necklace, turquoise rose earrings and turquoise sandals. And I feel so pretty and put together.

The skirts come in different colors and like I said you send her your waist and length measurements and in a few weeks you have your custom maxi! I just ordered another one this morning! lol.. So if you want to check her out go HERE! And please do because they are perfectly priced for my budget and they are sooo worth it and I feel soo comfortable and amazing in them!

I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderfully relaxing weekend! I'm sooo ready for 4:00pm! Until next time guys!

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