Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Healthy Healthy Baby!

So last night was my first night to begin slowly working out again. If you haven't been paying attention, or are just tunning in. I am 18 weeks pregnant and last week my energy just returned from a black hole. Seriously, I had no energy, no motivation NADA!

So when I started getting my energy back last week, I decided...the time has come...for me to gte my ass in that gym once again! YAY!

Seriously, I had a nightmare the other night of me being this huge fat pregnant, over sized, can fit in a chair taco bell hoarding woman. Annnnd, umm no thanks! Especially after I have fought so hard to lose 20lbs before I got pregnant!

So I refuse to be unprepared. I also read a lady's blog.(I wish I could remember what the name of it is so that I can reference it...but I cant!) Anyways, I found it on Pinterest and she had written about losing weight after pregnancy. She said you have to keep in account what your body looked like before you got pregnant, and also how active you are while you are pregnant. That got me thinking. Well, my thighs were getting slimmer, my butt was getting rounder, my arms were getting smaller, my stomach was getting less fleshy and smaller. BUT I halted my workouts for 17 weeks. BAD IDEA! I wish I would have continued to workout. But I cannot go back and change it. The reason I didn't though was because I couldn't stand the smell. In the early stages (well really all stages) my smeller has been heightened. So I can smell like nobody's business. And mind you our gym is clean, they have a 24 hour cleaning service on sight, you can always see a cleaning lady walking around cleaning random stuff and equipment. So it's not that it stinks, but I could pick up the slightest scent of sweat (and it wasnt mine; which grossed me out!) Seriously, I almost threw up one day. So I stopped going. But my dream and fear has got me going again!

I did the elyptical for 25 minutes and the sitting bike for 15 minutes. I think tomorrow I will do inclined treadmill for 25 minutes and the elyptical for 25 minutes. I am also trying to keep my heart rate under 160. I reserached that you should try to keep it under 140 when pregnant and working out. But when Im exercising my heart rate goes to 138 in a matter of a few minutes. So I felt comfortable at 160. I didnt have any pain, tugging feeling or anything else. Other than being uncomfortable on the sitting bike. I think Friday I will do the regular bike. I dont like sitting like that, like your in a chair and your peddling....can we say boooring! lol...

So yea, my first workout was great! I am hoping to keep this up and continue to have a healthy pregnancy and bounce back after! Jeremy cannot wait until after the baby is born and I get cleared to go back in the gym again, so he can "kick my butt" into shape again! Oh lord help me! haha!

Last nights dinner...I wanted this sooo bad and let me tell you it was sooo good!

Healthier-spaghetti bake   (made with ground turkey)
garlic sweet hawaiian rolls (homemade garlic butter yumm..)

I have been craving broccoli like a mad woman. Good thing its good for me huh?! lol...

I'm continuing to eat healthier as well as working out three to fours days a week. Cuz I tell ya, these pregnancy cravings for just about anything fast food are no bueno!!!

Our morning snack consist of:

Quaker Oats Maple and Brown Sugar 100 Calorie packs with fresh fruit! Its soo yummie and satifying!!!

Then I usually have a yogurt before lunch and then lunch is a carb with lots of veggies and more fruit after lunch. I have gotten to where I need to eat a peice of fruit on the way home, because if not...McDonald's french fries will call my name. And I pass by three...THREE of them!! Goodness me! lol..

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!

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