Weight Loss

Current Weight:  4/16/13  197 lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 140 lbs 
To Go as of 4/17/13: -56 lbs
The day I started working out.
Sometime in September 2012      216.4lbs
 Golly! Look at how fat my feet were!

2/17/13   201.2 lbs

3/23/13    198.8lbs

4/13/13          197.2lbs
  My feet are getting smaller! I went down a half size.  8.5 to 8.0

4/17/13   196.0  WOWZA!!

The First 20 Lbs   4/17/13

To be honest. I cannot even tell! Haha! Oh well.. But I am glad that I have maintained to stay under the 200 mark for quite a few weeks now, and also continually to see those numbers drop it like its hot! Holla! But I am very excited and cannot wait for the next 20 lbs to be gone!


  1. So excited to follow your journey, CONGRATS on all your hard work so far - keep up the good work!


  2. HiCeCe, I just discovered your blog via the -- Texas Blogger Houston Link -- and I have truly enjoyed my visit here today. CONGRATS on your weight loss journey! I am on a similar journey and have lost about 40-50 pounds since last fall. I'm a genealogy hobbyist and blogger and though I have thought about launching a weight loss blog to capture the good, the bad, and ugly of my weight loss journey . . . I just haven't found the time to set up one as nice as you have here. So KUDOS to you and I wish you much success too!