Friday, November 14, 2014

Birthday/Christmas Wish List

I just realized my birthday is just under 4 weeks away! And Laynie's birthday party is a month away!!! Aaahhh!!!!

So I figured I would show you my Birthday/Christmas Wish List!
 So Fiskars rotary cutter and swivel cutting mat. It would make my fabric cutting much faster, easier. New Asics(these in particular) because mine are old and two sizes too big. A serger. It makes making Laynie's clothes much easier!
 I said I would breastfeed for a year and the year is almost here! I want to take the Advocare 24 Day Challenge! A fat giftcard to Hobby Lobby! A new Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine. And a SideWinder bobbin threader.

And a HUGE gift card to Target! I am losing weight and these Paisley Sky jeans(that look like miss me jeans but $60 cheaper) that I just bought are too big! So now I dont have any nice jeans 😢 and I would like to get some more workout clothes!

So this is my Birthday/Christmas wish list. I know I will probably not get anything on this list, but I'm remaining hopeful that God has sent our check in the mail!
We Shall See!

Whats on your Christmas Wish list??


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Couch 2 5K week 1 Done

So Sunday wrapped up my first week of C25K training. My husband thankfully let me go jog by myself...two days in a row! Cool points for husband! Lol

It suggests doing it three days a week, but I this swcond week I'm going to shoot for four days. I just feel like I need an extra day.

Its a world of difference jogging with a jogging stroller and jogging by yourself. Seriously pushing around Laynie who is 16 1/2lbs and the weight of the stroller...maybe 7-8lbs. Plus I carry my 8lb weights in there so that comes to a total of about 40 extra pounds I'm pushing!

Anyways so my progress has been picking up!

I haven't gotten on the scale. But I did have a non-scale victory! These shorts!

I can fit into them. I bought them two and a half years ago from Old Navy. They used to be a little bit big on me. These are my favorite shorts. I have two other pairs in light khaki and dark khaki. I couldn't wear them this summer,  or even a few weeks ago. I've been wearing the same maternity shorts since I was pregnant last year. I'm so ready to be able to buy shorts next year!

So I put them on Sunday after church and I was so excited that I could pull them up over my hips! I'll use these.shorts weekly to check my progress. The scale is a liar. And she shouldn't be trusted.
My friend also told me that I meed to measure so I did that yesterday while Laynie was eating her waffle! She LOOOVES blueberry waffles!

Week 1
R arm:          L arm:
R thigh:        L thigh:
R calf:           L calf:
Hips:             Stomach:

Yesterday I started week 2. And to just see my progression grow! I also added on a full body workout at the end.
8lb weights
Shoulder Press
Bicep curls
Tricep extension

15 Jumping Jacks
10 Right Leg Squats
15 Jumping Jacks
10 Left Leg Squats

Repeat all 3x's
To say I am sore is an understatement!

Eeek gets me excited! Its tough! It really is. I told my husband on the way to church Sunday that I have never ran a straight mile in my life. When I was in high school I played soccer, but our coach was an idiot and we never really practiced. Or won any games. Lol

But I want to not only to run a mile, iI want to run as many as my body will let me! I like running. I like the feeling. I used to not run with music. Here lately I've been playing music, but I dont like it. I may go back to no muaic. Laynie sleepa while I'm training if there is no music.
I just like to have my thoughts and talks with God then. Its the only time when its just me!

Anyway, let me know what good weight and body exercises you use! I'd love to try and share!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

what to do with the pumpkins??

For Halloween we got Laynie a pumpkin. We didn't carve it since it was her first halloween and I just am not ready to get messy yet!

So one morning last week I woke up and decided to make a pumpkin pie! I have been venturing out in my cooking skills lately. Last month I made two apple pies! Yurrrm!!
Although I am not making the whole thing from scratch (the pie crust) but the filling is homemade!

I found the recipe on Pinterest!! Its straight to the point and seems pretty easy.
 So I cut it in half(withthe help of my husband) and then scooped out the seeds and guts!
 Put it on a bakin pan upside down for the alloted time.
 The recipe said when you can easily peirce it with a fork. I had to put it on for a little bit extra time. Something is wrong with our oven....or something!
 Let it cool. Then scrape out the goods into a bowl. Or into whatever your going to use to puree it. I put it in the Baby Bullet.
After its pureed you drain it. Spread your cheesecloth over a bowl and scrape your pureed pumpkin onto the cheesecloth. You can either let it "drain" overnight or I did it for about 6 hours in the fridge.
Then you all in all the spices according to the recipe.
And this is the before and after!

Like a MILLION times better than store bought! Seriously Marie Calendar's dosn't even taste like this! Soo good!
I'm thinking about making one for Thanksgiving because I have a huge pumpkin left over. It would probably make about 4 pies! Lol

Also I have added new christmas bows and headwraps to Sew Foxxy! Go check them out! facebook  & Instagram

Well I'm going back to bed since Laynie finaally decided to fall asleep. I'm not sure why but homegirl did NOT wamt to go to bed tonight!



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Couch 2 5K training!

Monday I started my first day in the C25K training! I didn't want to do it. I debated it the whole way to the park, I even sat in my truck for a little bit and said I'll just walk.
But I remembered this quote Mama Laughlin always says "outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens"
And its so true! So I uncomfortable started Day 1 or training.

I didn't do too bad! There os always room for improvement. And actually I have been improving! My miles are getting shorter with my running/walking.

This morning I woke up, fed Laynie and got dressed to bust out Day 2!
I did pretty good. It was hotter today than it has been here lately. I also wore the wrong bra! I'm sure I gave all the guys at the park a good show! Yeeeeee!
My laps from today. I was so heavy footed! My food intake was poor yesterday and I didn't get in enough water. So I know that affected my time ALOT!
Laynie is getting in a 5th tooth. Its a top one. This time around has been HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Like someone come save me all she does is CRY!!! And want to be held! I ordered her an Amber Teething Necklace over a week ago. And I guess I didn't pay attention to how long it would take to ship it. Its still NOT here!!! And I'm really irritated about it.
Oh well, what can you do!

Okie dokie gotta go soothe my crying baby!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

On to the next!

Aquatober Challenge is over!!!!

And I am so excited! I feel great! I only wish I would've kept up the strength and positivity to be active during the whole 31 days. I dont know why I had a sudden burst or "want" to eat better and be more active this last week.

I contacted a young mom like myself on Instagram. And we DM'd (if you dont know what that is....I'm not explaining) and she gave me lots of poimters, tips, advice etc...but the buggest thing that stuck in my head when she said "make a small goal and when you accomplish that one, then make another small goal. Until you reach yoir overall goal!"And that makes so much sense, its like Duuuh!!
I think most people, myself included fail because we set these huge goals and instead of taking this journey day by day we want the whole jalopy in one day. And that is just an outfit fir disaster. We get upset if after a week we dont see the scale budge. Well after setting my small goal (small goal #1: lose 5lbs, for two weeks I didn't see the scale move, not even an ounce. Then for two days in a row my Husband said that I have lost weight. Each time I just rolled my eyes.
One morning I woke up early full of energy ready to go. I pumped milk for Laynie, i got in my morning squats put in a load of laundry, straightened the living room and washed the few dishes in the sink. This was all between 7-8am before she woke up! Then while I was cooking my breakfast and debating on what I would fix Laynie for when she woke up, I decided to go hop on the scale.

There its was....or wasn't. -6lbs
Seriously, I lost 6lbs! In four days??! Really!?? I got back off, wait for the scale to reset and got back on. I really lost 6lbs!
I'll take it!!! I out on a pair of jean from before I was even pregnant and they are anug, but I can button them! And that means alot to me!

So I am super excited and happy to report that the Aquatober challenge was a great experience for me. Definatly a challenge but I did it!! And so did my step mom! Way to go Sabine!!!

November's challenges:

So I took saturday off and my firat non-water drink I had was.....Hazelnut Iced Coffee from McDonalds! Surprised? Its the only thing I will order at McD's! I also had a med rootbeer from sonic and a few sips of a coke and a few sips of white wine with my spaghetti squash dinner that was DELISH!

But Sunday my step mom and I agreed to start a No Bread November Challenge...only we will not have bread until Thanksgiving! However, I might not even eay bread at Thanksgiving dinner..... Idk. I haven't decided yet!

So If you'd like to join me. Screenshot this photo and Use this hashtag when you post photos. #nobreadnovember
The challenge goes on from November 2nd to November 26th.

Comment below if you'll be joining me!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

High Expectations

    When I was growing up I never really fantasized or imagine my "dream" wedding. My mom never really talked about our future spouses, so I didn't really think about it. I was busy playing teacher and teaching myself how to sew. Daydreaming and getting in trouble! Lol... 
    My parent's marriage wasn't one that I looked up to. I did't look at my parents and say I want have what they have. My mom didn't speak nice words to my dad all the time. But I wasn't "inside" their marriage, so I don't know the story. I just knew that I didn't want a relationship like theirs.
   The older I got the more interested in wedding gowns I became. I remember when I was in high school I used to buy wedding magazines. I even designed my wedding dress. But I never really gave much thought into who my husband would be, or should be. I just knew what I wouldn't mind him looking like. Blonde hair, colored eyes. That's what I wanted. I would watch lushy movies and just hope that my future husband would be oh so romatical and sweet like the guys in movies and books that I read. When I was about 19-21 I realized that those roles in the movies or books are written by women!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I'm not sure if its some kind of delayed post partum depression or what but I basically cried all day long. My "dreams" or expectations really of having this "perfect" marriage and us being the ideal partners and being helpful to one another and with out baby. Life is just not like that. I also had expectations when I was working and having high hopes to become a SAHM. I had very high expectations. I thought that I was going to have all this "time" to do whatever I want and go to the gym and go on play dates and be happy and look great and finally be able to achieve the body I want! But sadly 10 months later, my "High expectations" bubble has burst.
I don't have time. I do not have time to myself. And I know.... this is only temporary, one day she'll take off running by herself and wont need me anymore. But to remain does one give everyone else but yourself 100% and not take time for yourself? I don't get help. I don't get time off. No one in our families asks if they can have Laynie for the day, or come watch her and allow me to go to the store by myself. Or go get a long jog in by myself.
My expectations of family bubble has also burst. I thought that having a child meant your family wanted to be around more. And in our families that's just not the case. And to say that I am disappointed is an understatement. When I was younger I wished that my aunts lived in the same state. That my grandmothers lived in the same state. That our cousins lived closer etc...Laynie's whole extended family (with the exception of my brother and his family; they are in the military so they have to go where told) lives in Texas. My side lives an hour+ away. But Jeremy's lives about 30 minutes up the road.
 I think about this everyday. And everyday that someone doesn't call, or every weekend that passes that Laynie didn't see anyone gets me more and more upset pissed off about the situation. I understand that my sisters don't have the same life I do. Married, Kids...but STILL! If one of them had had kids first, I would be over there all the time, giving them breaks, loving on my nieces/nephews. I get it everyone has their own lives to live. But when you care about someone as much as you put out on social medias, you would think that one would make time to actually come spend time with them instead of just take photos in the 5 minutes that she actually sees you, or steal my pics off of my profiles. That aggravates me to high heaven. When I see a picture of my child on my news feed with someone else's caption of "Look how beautiful my precious baby neice/granddaughter is...and you haven't seen her in more than two weeks...yea...ok.

Sorry for the rant.

But to say that my high expectations of ....Life...has let me down is an understatement.

Hopefully with lots of prayer this will all change.

peace and love,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm going to change the writing atyle of my blig. I sometimes dont blog because I stress about not having enough photos to post. I read this "How to Have a Successful Blog" post once and one thing it said was post picture, people want to see into your life. Well if you want to see into my life follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I mean moat bloggers post the same photos on there as their blog. But I always feel like I have alot to say.
So thats what I'm going to do. And if you dont like it...well then it wasn't ment for you to be here 😉

So here goes...