Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dr. Target and a few other things

So yesterday Bebe bump and I went to the Dr! I was really surprised that I was able to kind of get in get out. Usually there are sooooo many womens there and you have to wait 20 minutes past your appointment time and then your back in the room waiting for 20 more minutes. But I got there 10 minutes early, got my pee sample and vitals done in like 2 minutes and then back to the room and the doctor was in to see me in like 10 minutes! Just long enough for me to check emails and text people back who text me while Im driving, or text all my daily random ideas that I have to Jeremy (I do this everyday) So she put the sonogram thingy on my belly and you could hear her heartbeat! So strong and beautiful!!!! What she did next scared the crap out of me (not literally btw) But she grabbed Laynie's head! Ahhhh...She was like yep, her head is down and you both are doing great! Oh ok. Thanks Doc for grabbing my babys head inside of my belly! haha

30 almost 31 weeks !!!!!

Yesterday after my Dr appointment I went to go register at the hospital; which happens to be right next door to the Dr, and also right down the street from us! They reccommend that you do this between 28 and 35 weeks. Just in case you deliver early, so that way you dont have to worry about standing there while in labor trying to get yourself I went ahead and did this yesterday! It didn't take as long as I thought that it would at all. It was quite a quick process.
After the hospital I went to Target. Because while I was getting into my car from getting gas before heading to the Dr. my bra decided to break!!! OH EM GEEE!!! If anyone knows me they know that I absolutely HATE (dont say hate, its not pretty) loathe bra shopping. Because the girls are already pretty big, and its just annoying. I can never find my size and then when I do it doesn't fit right, or its a grandma bra! And eww! No thanks! So I thought I would go check out Target's bras. I opted for a nursing bra since we're almost there and I might as well get used to wearing it anyway. And much to my surprise Target had really super cute nursing bras. These are the two that interested me the most...cuz momma likes to keep it sexy ya know.

These to me where the cutest. I got the black one and next week I'll get the cream one. They were really resonably priced too! $19.99 each. They also had some that were solid colors. Like a steel grey and a fuschia as well as a plain cream and also white. The solid colors were $16.99. But I really like them because they are really comfortable! I like bras with underwire because...well the girls gotta be held up. I dont like a saggy boob on myself or anyone else. So I personally prefer underwire.

I got a lot of compliments on my skirt yesterday. Its from Baby Bug Creations. She has an Etsy page and you can click HERE to get there! She customizes them according to your actual measurements. Its really awesome because I am so short, and maxi skirts are like dresses on me! So these are perfect. I have a coral and white, navy blue and white, and this grey and white. I love them, especially since only one pair of pants fits at the moment...

Well thats all I got for Hump Day!!!
Have a great one!

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