Friday, October 11, 2013

The Dirty 30!!

I am officially 30 weeks!!! Well 30 weeks and 1 day to be exact, but hey. That means that we only have about 10 weeks left and I am just in awe and cant believe its almost, almost time.

I still have things that I need to get done (SEE LIST BELOW)
Sand and Paint her dresser
Find a grey fuzzy area rug to go in front of her crib
Find two small mirrors to put by the changing table/dresser
Spray paint two lace shelves grey
And many many more...

This weekend we decided to dedicate it to her dresser. We will be starting on it tonight with spot sanding it. Then hopefully tomorrow we can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get the paint. I picked out an off white that closely matches the crib and a very beautiful grey color. Jeremy helped pick them out and he was excited about it!
Next weekend we'll have to pick out new handles for it. That will be fun! I am also going to be spray painting the two lace shelves grey to hang by the changing table/dresser. But I still want to find some cute mirrors and a quote to hang. I found these on Etsy.


I asked Jerm's which one he likes more, he hasnt gotten back to me surprise! Men usually take forever...or it may just be that he doesn't like either one! hahaha! I really like both of them. I could get both, the "First we had each other" one to hang by the changing/dresser and the "Read me a Story" on to hang by where I will put the glider. But...whoe knows. I will decide soon.
 Or maybe I'll just go Hobby Lobby and see what they have for little girls rooms.

While paroozing through Pinterest on my lunch break this week I found these few items/ideas.

I want to creat one of these mobiles for her crib. I thought maybe I would sponge roller brush grey paint on the burlap. Or find a really pretty grey and white pattern that matches everything. But I think this is absolutely adorable and it just brings character to her room. Although I will be sure that its high enough so that when she gets older and more active she cant pull at it. But the directions on it were very detailed and it screws into the ceiling. So we're good!

Now, I really like thiese sheer drapes. If you look closely there is one on each side of the bed. I really like this. And since Laynie's room is where Brayden's bed is (Until we move) I wouldn't mind giving her some sort of seperation. But I havent decided if I want to put these on either side of her crib, or just on one side of her changing/dresser. I changed his bed from a queen to a twin day bed; a 9 yr old really doesnt need a queen size bed...and when we have guests they can choose either the day bed, or a blow up mattress... But the daybed faces her changing/dresser so I think I'll do just one side and i'll choose that side to put it on. Yea I like that idea!

Then I saw this little number on Etsy. I absolutely love it! And Laynie still needs a coming home outfit. And since December is a colder month here in Texas, I wouldn't mind something like this with long sleeves and covers her feet. It would be soo cute with a pink beanie! So I'm going to ask my favorite aunt to make it for her. She is also helping me with making her curtains. Because I just didn't know what fabric to use. And burp/spit cloths and a few other things. I am making some, but you can never have enough!

And with all these ideas I get to thinking we really dont have long! In two weeks from tomorrow we have our 2nd 3D/4D Sonogram which we are both soo ready and excited for! Also on the same day is my family's baby shower! And I am super excited for it! Then two weeks after that is our Maternity Photoshoot! Ahhhh!!! And I still cant choose what I want to wear. Guys are so easy! Then Thanksgiving is 2 1/2 weeks after our photos and then my birthday is 1 1/2 weeks after that (December 8th). And then my due date is 1 1/2 weeks after that! Oh my!! We have soo much going on this year. Last year it was so calm. Like a total 360 this year!

So just for fun a little 30 Week update for your enjoyment....or not! haha
How far along:
30 weeks 1 day
Slim pickins! Its very hard to get comfortable and she gets in the way!
Maternity Clothes:
So far I only have two pairs of maternity pants (for work) one pair of shorts, that I can hopefully wear for two more months (this is texas) and one maternity are just slouchy, stretchy shirts. I have yet to find any cute maternity clothes for a resonable price.
LOTS! She is very active during the day now. And she wakes up in the early morning hours and then sleeps for a few hours and then boom! I feel a turkey leg pushing under my ribs! lol...I like to rub where she pushes. I guess its like me letting her know that I'm here, yes thats my rib! lol..But when I rub where she pushes she usually stops and pauses. She does this new thing where she pushes herself to the absolute possible outstretched position. And you can see it. My belly gets very very tight. And I just rub it and she stay there for a few minutes. and then poof, when I'm done rubbing, shes gone!
Food cravings:
Not hardly. Right now I am liking strawberry milk. Two months ago it was Chocolate. Sometimes I  eat a PB & J  in the morning for breakfast and then other times I have Honey Nut Cheerios. I wouldn't mind eating pizza everyday. I still love my broccoli and cauliflower.
What do I miss:
I miss being able to fully button my pants, not having to pee every 5 minutes during the day and not having to pee at all at night. I miss being able to roll out of bed. Now its a 1..2..3.. and go! I litteraly have to push myself out of the bed! My leg hair not growing so fast, being able to shave comfortably! Being able to cuddle with my love without feeling like a whale. Not feeling tired all the time. I get a burst of energy throughout the day. But as soon as I get home its gone. Not having a set bedtime. Anything past 9:30pm and you can count me out! I miss my brother. He is currently in Bahrain serving until January. So he will miss Laynie's birth. But I wish him and his wife could come down. My sister in law is going to come after she is born...but its not the same. Dont get me wrong I love her to peices too...but I wish my brother could be here. He's going to be an uncle! He has two boys and I just know that if they lived closer he would be an awesome unlce to her!
What I love:
I love being able to feel her, like actually feel her on the outside finally. Being able to feel her from the inside is different. But now Jeremy can actually feel her. She had hiccups at 5am yesterday and I woke him up, grabbed his hand so he could feel it. He said "Cool" and he was snoring 5 seconds later! lol... I love that we are getting so close. I love that my family
(Sisters, dad and his wife) are being so unbelievably supportive and keep in contact with me everyday! We arent a very close family...but maybe that will change. I love my Jeremy. Because this week I have been a little on the emotional side with everything (kinda stressed) and he's just been so patient with me. He has yet to yell back at me or leave! lol...
What am I looking forward to:
I am looking forward to Laynie being here. I am looking forward to holding her. But mostly I am looking forward to Jeremy holding her. He's so ready for her. His little girl!! ( Awww...I got tears just typing this!) I am looking forward to bringing her home, snuggling with her, hearing her cry. Tending to our little baby girl. I am looking forward to her smell. To dressing her so cute everyday. To changing her diaper. To talking to her and teaching her neat things.
I am mostly looking forward to the rest of our lives!

And just to give you guys a little face time lovin!

30 weeks! Lets hope I dont balloon out too much further!
Found this shirt at Marshall's for $7. Its not a maternity shirt. And its longer in the back
so when we can wear boots I'll pair it with tights! But this is how I feel today Rawr!!
And just because I feel like hair has grown sooo much since I've been pregnant. The first arrow is where it was when I got pregnant, and the 2nd is during. Its crazy..but I say keep it coming! I like it! Even though its in the grow out stage and goes every which way when I wear it straight...but I like it!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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