Monday, October 21, 2013


       So I am a little stressed out here lately. Just trying to figure all these things out is just so dang hard! I try not to focus on it, but its really hard not to. With the countdown of 9 weeks and 4 days also means a lot of other things happening. Agghhh...

Well today I have decided not to focus on all of the things that stress me out, but to focus on the things that I am looking forward to!

For instance,

This week Jeremy and I have vowed to begin on the dresser. I have already started on it. I hand sanded the drawers, but there is polyurethane on the top and sides, so we borrowed the electric sander from my dad and will be giving that bad boy a run for its money! I am hoping to have the dresser painted by next weekend. Thats my goal anyways. I guess we will see how much energy I have in between now and then! lol.

I am hoping to have her room all set up and ready to go in the next three weeks. I told J that I really want to have it prepared so that I dont have to worry about it at all between now and when she comes. I want it to just be ready for her, and done. So we are working on it!

We get to see our little one on Saturday! Im super excited!!! The last time we saw her, she was just so tiny and uncooperative and we didn't get to see her but just a little bit. And now she's bigger and I just know she wont be shy this time! I can't wait, I just know she has chuby cheeks and she is probably just so adorable!

Saturday afternoon is also my bebe shower #1. Which I am super excited for! My dad took us shopping on this past Saturday to get some of the things I wanted. So we are coming together on all of the supplies needed! So I get to see my friends and some family and I'm excited!

In two weekends we will also be taking our maternity photos. Jeremy was a bit confused as to why I wanted to take photos (He/She didn't take them with his first born) but I explained to him that One: you never know if you can have another child and you want to always remember it what better way than pictures, and why not show your child those. I think they are sweet and necessary. Two: It stops time for a moment. Life is so rushed everyday. I think it will be sweet to sit in her room and see the love for her that we had on that day. I just know that they will be great! And Three: Why the heck not?! lol.. So he was more on board afterwards, but I also explained yall were young, and maybe didn't think about it, but I've always wanted maternity pictures!

I am going to try to focus on the good and not the stressful. It is not good for me, nor my little one.

So let us focus on the positives today and everyday. If you too are going through something that may have you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering, waiting, stressing. Close your eyes and call out a simple prayer to God and just ask him to come over you and set your mind, heart and nerves at ease. For him to let you know that there is a plan, it is his plan and we just need to listen for it. For you to be calm and be still in him.
1 Peter 5:6,7
Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
Matthew 6:34         
Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

I pray that we are able to not be stressed and that we
lay it all in the hands of the Lord.

p.s. My "Green" smoothies have been going so well! I say "Green" because only two have been green! I gues the rasberries dont really help! haha

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