Thursday, August 1, 2013

Feeling Ugly AT 20 Weeks!

I thought during pregnancy you were supposed to feel all glowy and pretty! Yea right! The only time I feel that way is when I first wake up till about 11:30 am. Then its down hill from there. Seriously, I feel like a huge fat whale!
Like this lady...who is apparently pregnant!

Thats how I feel when I button my pants in the morning.
Now I have found that wearing Maxi Skirts (from Baby Bug Creations) are the best on those days that Im feeling extra fluffy!
I know I look nothing like that!
But Im trying not to focus on the fact that my thighs are like supper jiggly at the moment, my butt is a little more jiggly than normal and nothing fits the way I want it to! Oh pregnancy!
17 weeks

19 weeks
Over the weekend at our family reunion
20 weeks (today!)

My little bebe is growing! I went to the Dr. Tuesday and she said he/she is in the right position (right by my belly button) and so far everything looks great!
We get to find out if its a Little Mr. or a Little Ms. very soon! So Im super excited about that!
Other than feeling a little ugly and huge! I have been craving broccoli and cauliflower and apples. Lots of apples, and LOTS of broccoli. Seriously I cannot get enough. My Dr. said that most women crave healthy food during pregnancy. And its always good to eat healthy before, during and after pregnancy. This week they tested for gestational diabetes and down syndrome. I get to hear back about my results in a few days. Hopefully everything is good.
Good thing I have this handsome man who tells me Im so beautiful more and more each day!

Seriously I am so appreciative of that. He's whats going to make our baby soo beautiful!
Today starts a new month everyone! I want this month to be the month of smiling. Seriously, put a smile on your face, be greatful because you seriously are blessed! Each and everyone of us is. God woke us all up today with his grace. Its time to be thankful, ask for forgiveness and pray a little more. Pray for those who you think that need it, and pray for those who dont. Because we ALL need a litle prayer. No matter what you see on the outside, someone always needs prayer.  


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  1. Yay! You look amazing! Half way there.