Tuesday, August 13, 2013

31 Days of.... and Week 22 Bumpdate

So the other day I was taking a "Pinterest" break at work, and something caught my eye.

So I clicked, and up popped Life After I Dew blog. Which, I like! I paroosed around but my main reason was to check out this 31 Days of Being a Better Wife.
Now, Im not saying that I'm not a good wife. Jeremy would probably tell you that I am an awesome "Old Lady" and that there aren't many women out there like me. Which I can say that I am a rare breed! When Jeremy and I first started dating, I told him I was different. He laughed and said that all girls say that. But I meant it. And three years later...Im sure he realizes what I meant.  
But.. back to the 31 Days. I'm not at all by any means the best wife. I am a human I make mistakes, I can be mean, grouchy etc...especially right now being pregnant. But thats not an excuse. By any means. Last night I caught myself being a little sassy with Mr. Favors...but I like to be sassy sometimes. I mean Hello...It was Steak night...so ya know he would be happy and satisfied anyways!
Rib eye steak, broccoli and cauliflower, oven roasted squash yummm!
Annnd you gotta have the A1 Steak sauce...
So today Im looking over this and realizing that I too want to participate in this. Now, Shannon wrote this in October of last year (2012) so I am just going to follow along and basically get some ideas. We always get our best ideas from others who have tried it! So Thanks Shannon (if she ever reads this!) So I have decided to start my challenge this evening. Really I should have started it last night, because I mean it was steak night and all! lol....
But really, I want to challenge myself to be a better wife, not just for myself but also because Jeremy deserves it. We had a disagreement a few weeks ago, and he said he would work on the issue. And I have noticed that lately he really has been working on it. Now of course I expect for it to be fixed in one day and everything go the way I want. But life just doesn't work like that. So little by little things are happening. And I appreciate that. He deserves the best because of all that he does for us. He works 10+ hours a day in the heat. We live in Texas guys! Everyday its at least 100 degrees here, no joke. And by 100 Degrees I mean the temp says 100 degrees, but the feels like is more like 115+ due to the humidity or in ten minutes the lack there of. And my man is out there in FRC's (Fire Resistant Clothing) which are not comfortable nor are they breathable. Its literally like being in a hot sauna suit all day with steel toe boots and gloves and a hard hat on. I would not and would not do it. No thank you! But I am very grateful for him being out there everyday. Most of the times he works all weekend, sometimes he decides to take weekends off to spend time with us. But he makes more money if he works all weekend. So choosing is hard, because with the baby coming we could really use the extra money.
So if you would like to take this challenge with me by all means! Lets do it ladies!!  I will try to blog about it everyday, but there are some days that I am just too busy catching up with other life tasks that I can't hop on and blog (reason for my absence lately) But I will be sure to catch you guys up on the progress!
Here's to being a better Wife and Friend to my Lover man!
Baby Bump-date:

So I am 22 weeks (On Thursday 8/15) And the baby is becoming more and more active! And I love it! I can feel it kick all the time. Such a wonderful blessing! Im craving more chocolate shakes/ice cream! Ahhhhh the death of me! I do not have restraint when it comes to ice cream, BUT I do portion it and make sure not to go overboard. I have been drinking more and more water everyday, which is a great thing! Me and Bebe need water! I have also noticed that the skin on my upper arms have started to get a splotchy discoloration (lighter) than my skin tone. So yay Hormones. I've been using Oatmeal soap in the shower. And it smells aaaamazazing! Its like a pepperminty smell, but its made with oatmeal and it even has real oatmeal pieces in the bar, so it kind of exfoliates too! win win! I've also been using organic coconut oil (in a jar/solid form) on my tummy, legs, feet and arms in the shower. Because my skin has been more dry than normal (i do not have dry skin normally)  We are still craving apples, broccoli, and cauliflower. I have added a Probiotic to my daily vitamin intake. I was having a little digestive problem, but since starting it I haven't noticed that problem as much. And I read that its good for the baby's digestive system as well!
 Last Saturday Jeremy, Brayden and I went to get a 3D Ultrasound which was really cool. I had my Anatomy appointment on last Tuesday but it was kind of unclear to us and it wasn't really awake, so we wanted a second opinion. And boy did we get one! Totaly 100% confirmation! We have another appointment October 26th when I'm further along to get a better picture and video of the baby. So thats exciting!
But the most exciting news is that our Gender Reveal Party is Saturday!!!!  And I cannot wait! I have been working on my banners since Sunday and I just get more and more excited! I am sooo excited about this day. This is my first baby and I want to be able to share the experience. Unfortunately Jeremy is having to play Superman and be at two places at once. Friday we learned that Brayden's first 8yr Football game is on Saturday. Now we haven't found out the time yet, but the game is supposed to be an hour away...So I'm kind of bummed out about that. Jeremy suggested that I cancel it, but I refuse. It's my first baby and I will celebrate how I want to and no one will stop that...sorry Im not sorry, but I've been planning this party since I was 10 weeks (12 weeks ago) and invitations went out three weeks ago. Had we already knew his schedule then I wouldn't have planned it for that day, but things happen and decisions are to be made. I can be selfish on this one thing, because I have given up alot already.
So on Monday I will be sure to do a Gender Reveal Party Update post! And I will let you guys know all the business! Im so excited and cannot wait to share!

Annnd just because....Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I can't wait to hear what you are having! My bet is a baby girl :)