Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 2 thru 5 & Weekend Update

Days 2-5 Update along with weekend happenings!

So as the Days keep rolling through, it seems to be getting easier! Which is great!!!

Day 2: Thursday the 15th
Thursday was a busy day for me at work. It was also the day I decided that hopefully next year (August 2014) I want to go back to school. We had someone come in to interview for a position, and she said she had her Bachelor's in blah blah blah. And it just got me thinking, if I want to continue to move up the ladder, I need to get educated more. I have already worked my way to where I am now, but now that our family is growing, I want to be the best and get to that spot to help secure our finances for our family. So...I talked to Jeremy about it, and of course, being the supportive person he is...He wants me to do it! So yay! That made me happy! Then, like I told yall last week we were going to have a Gender Reveal Party on Saturday, and we we're sitting down going over our finances, bills, money to be spent for the party, and the schedule of the day, and we came to an agreement that we were just unable to be able to be a three places at once, and still be able to afford all three. Gosh I was crushed you guys, but Jeremy is a sweet man and he said everything would be ok. So I sent the message to all of our invited guests and said we would still be letting them know. We also talked alot that night about different things and goals and wants and needs. It was good.

Day 3: Friday the 16th
Friday was a little tricky. I took a nap when I got home from work, I was not feeling well at all. My tummy was hurting. So when Jeremy got home he woke me up. I slept for exactly one hour. And as soon as I woke up, holy cow look out! I made a b-line for the bathroom. Jeremy was a sweetheart and went to the store and got me some chicken noodle soup and bread (for my grilled cheese!) He Bar-B-q'd, so I waited for his dinner to be finished by taking a warm bath and just relaxing. Then we sat at our coffee table, watched The Green Lantern and ate our dinners. I was starting to feel a little better. I fell asleep on the couch, knocked out btw, Drooling and all! He said I was snoring, but I doubt it! But he followed me to the room and tucked me in, kissed me good night. See he's being sweeter too!

Day 4: Saturday the 17th
Saturday was the Gender Reveal Day! I woke up and decided on Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. So while Jeremy slowly made his was out of bed, and then walked the dog I cooked for us. After breakfast I decided it was time to do the reveal. Because we decided not to have the party we were telling everyone via text. So this is what I sent!
Cute right! Her name is Laynie Harper Favors! I just love it! Jeremy chose her first name, and I chose the middle. It was actually easy for us to chose names. We had the names picked out when I was about 11 weeks along. Yes, both names. And we are keeping the boys name secret because we are hoping the next one is a boy and we will be using it!
But we went to Brayden's scrimmages in Conroe (Kill me on that ride, ok!) And they won all three! Yay. Afterwards we took him out to Joe's Crab Shack!

Mommy Crab, Mommy's little crab and Daddy Crab!
(ps I wanted to waitress to change Brayden's to Daddy's little crab...cuz Im sure when his mother sees
that pic she'll probably be bitching about it...but oh well. Payback hooker! muahaha)
We had lots of fun! Our waitress was so funny!

Day 5 Sunday the 18th
Jeremy got called in to work early, so I wasnt able to make him a good breakfast, he has 35 minutes to get there, so he decided to just stop and pick up something on the way, so I made breakfast for Brayden and I. It was yuuuummmmie! Then I took Brayden to Jeremy's moms so they could go to a birthday party. I soooo didnt want to have round 2 of all day in the sun! So I went and registered for the bebe! I found a cribe set that I really like:

 I mean, how cute is that??!!! Gaaaaah! I die! Only I chose a white crib and dresser. I also found that walmart has their cribs on sale for $119, and a glider on sale for $130!! So we're going to take advantage of the sale! Holla!

Last night Jeremy cooked again! He mad awesome pork-steak chops and potato salad (yuumm) His potato salad is THE best I have ever had! Then we watched a movie, made action and passed out! lol.. He is also learning or catching on to my movement of trying to be a better wifey! Because he put the shower curtain back! Oh it made me so happy to go in to brush my teeth last night and see that he actually put the dang thing back! I have an OCD issue witht the shower curtain. If you buy a pretty one then why have it all scrunched up to the side, It should be pulled out and showcased, even if its just me looking at it! I think it makes everything look clean and put together. So... IT'S WORKING!!! Yay!

Anyways, sorry for the rambles. I was just so busy at work and home last week, I didn't have time to update yall. But I'm shooting for at least three times this week! Fingers crossed!!!!

Also, some of you have emailed me about where Im registered, and you would like to send me gifts... which way cool btw..And believe you me I will reciprocate if you have bebes too! But I am currently registered at Target and Babies R Us. Target: Laynie Favors, Babies R Us: Favors I will be registering at Walmart sometime this week! Registering is hard work! So many deicisons!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

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