Monday, August 5, 2013


Cravings...Hello Cravings!!

Ok, so I dont have many cravings...but last night I had a crazy craving attack! Seriously, I just couldn't let it go! It started around 8pm, and I checked the pantry to see if we had any Chocolate Pudding. Nope...none! So I let it go. Then Jeremy and I sat down to watch Olympus Has Fallen (Oh Gerard!!! So Dreamy! ) And I told Jerms that I had a craving for a Frosty. Yes I said it! A Frosty from Wendy's! Oh geez kill me please!

 I soo dont want to get huge during this pregnancy, and I try to keep my food in take rather healthy. And if its not then I balance it out.  So last night I just couldn't let the chocolate frosty go. So after complaining about not being able to get it out of my head, around 9pm Jeremy finally said...OK Lets go get it! So we ventured out to get this horrible craving attacked. We opted for Sonic Chocolate Shakes because Wendy's was too far to drive! lol... And let me tell you, It was DAMN good! Im so glad I gave in! Seriously, me and the baby were very satisfied!

Now today I had Pineapple and an apples, chicken and veggies for lunch and pears and apples for snacks. See! I balance my bad foods out with good foods. Im still giving the baby all the nutrients it needs from fruits and veggies and protein meats!

This weekend we kind of just took a chill pill! Last weekend we had our Favors Family Reunion and it took a lot of life and money out of we wanted to be super laid back and chill this weekend.
We cleaned and had some quality time! Which is always nice.

 On Friday after I got home from work, I did go into a little emotional tiff. My emotions are really hard to control now. Before I got pregnant if I was pissed or mad, I would just keep it inside, not tell anyone. But now, Ohhh hell watch out! I just cannot keep it in, and its like someone else takes over, and she cries, and raises her voice alot. I dont like it at all. I get more stressed than I used to, its just all ugly! My goodness! Lord, please help Jeremy! He needs it! We stayed up till 2 am!! Talking! We used to have these long talk sessions where we would just get carried away and talk for hours on end. And its awesome to be able to have that with your best friend!

Saturday Jerms and I went to the gym. The baby and I had a pretty good sweat sesh! It felt GREAT!

In an hour, 3-15 min cardio sessions
Little bump at the gym!

Then, we came home, played with the dog for a little bit, payed a few bills and then I cooked and we watched G.I. Joes (Oh Channing!!!) Then we notice around 1 am that it was hot in our apartment. Low and behold! The air conditioner went out! Oh gooooddddness! It was sooo uncomfortable. 85 and climbing in our apartment at 1 in the morning! So I emailed out property manager (yes I email her directly!) And she emailed me back, told me to call our emergency number in the morning. So I did just that...and Edgar was out and fixed it in 15 minutes! I was never more thankful for the cool air blowing out of my vents! Seriously, I would have flipped out had he not been able to fix it that fast!

Sunday we cleaned, and decided to take a little break. Ok it ended up being a long break. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap!!! I sooo needed it though! And then I cleaned some more! Then I forgot I bought these Popsicles at the store Friday night, so we decided to have one after my hard work was done, and I was waiting on a load of clothes to finish. ( The blue is our fav flavor!)

Hello mini bump!

Although our weekend was kind of very relaxing, the baby has been VERY active!! Maybe its going to be an awesome soccer player! Jeremy thinks a drummer. Which I think would be totally awesome! But I've been feeling it "come alive" more often now. As Im writing this I think he/she is sleeping. But just an hour ago, he/she was beating, or moving its feet on on my lower left abdomen! So movement is a good sign!! And I wish that I could explain how happy it makes me feel. Especially when it wakes me up in the middle of the night! lol.. Oh motherhood! Has only just begun!

Today I am hitting the gym after work, and then I plan on making the man a very awesome dinner! I know its hot outside today, and this morning he said he was tired. =( So I gotta take care of my man! Cuz he takes care of us! Everyday in the heat! I just couldn't do it!
Cheers to Monday being almost over! Yay!
Annnnd then I saw this on Pinterest....I thought it was appropriate!

Your welcome! Hahaha!

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  1. Glad things are going well and you are still exercising. A little craving now and then is okay if you keep feeding the little bump all the healthy foods.