Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clean up on Day 6! And The Honest Co.

Sooooo.....Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave the house (Jerms and I leave at the same time) He noticed that it was a little warm in the house. At night we set the a/c on 72, and during the day it stays on 78 with the fans going. (The electric company told me when and what to set the a/c on to lower our bill based on square footage and the amount of ceiling fans we have; 1...I like to save!)  So it was still set on 72, beacause right before I walk out I turn it up, and it was reading that it was 78 in the house. Hmm.. So I called our management office and told them. They are usually really good about getting the a/c guy out there. So I got a phone call around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. The girls in the office know that I'm usually home by then, but I had some errands to run after work. So I went in when I got home; it was about 5:00. They said that our cala-something needed to be replaced and they wouldn't be able to do it until tomorrow. I DIED!! Ahhhhh... Another night of no a/c. So usually when your a/c goes out they put in a window unit to keep you sane. So they had to wait for me to get home, because we have a dog. Even though LB is in her kennel at all times if no one is home, so I said I was home now, and they guy came within 15 minutes.
Now, here's the kicker...When i got into the house Number 1. It was hotter than two balls fighting in a pair of wool tighty-whites, ok. Number 2. LB was sick. And Im just going to leave it at that.
It took me two hours to clean it up! Three to get the smell out. Oh Goodness me, I'm having a flash back you guys! Agghh...
Jeremy unfortunaly is not one of those guys that can just clean it up. Me I put a hankerchief over my nose and gloves on my hands and cleaned it up. I mean come on the longer you let it set there, the worse it smells! Good thing I have experience in cleaning up after dogs. (circa 2006-2007 Animal Control; I cleaned the dog kennels....WORST JOB EVERRR! But I got paid pretty decent to make up for it!)
Back to the story, so after I cleaned it all up, gave LB three baths, and tried to give her some cottage cheese to help her stomach (she didn't want to eat anything, Lesson Learned I think??! ) I went to check on Jeremy. Towards the end I gave him permission to go ahead and start working on the dryer. See when it rains, it POURS! First on Sunday, he noticed the Dryer bin (barrel, whatever its called) wasnt turning anymore, then Monday the a/c went out, oh then LB got sick. Yea. Bring it on!!!!
So because he couldnt stomach helping me clean up after LB I made him stand at the end of the hall and hand me supplies. He was very sweet about it, asking if there was anything else I needed. Can he get me this, do I need this? I was schocked, cuz here I am yelling for MORE MORE MORE, I NEED MORE! lol.. But I mean come on given the situation...But we handled it together as a team. I'm just glad he didn't say, you handle it, its your dog. Cuz this chick would have slung all that shit all over him ok! Annnnd I would've probably been  out on my ass in less than 1 minute! So Yay for semi-team work! lol..
Also, he is a great maintenance man! He found the problem on the dryer, but it got too late/dark last night for him to finish, so he will be finishing tonight. Not like I need the dryer today anyway. (I do laundry on Saturday and Sunday ONLY!)
We also had a slumber party in the living room, right where the ceiling fan, the window unit and my bedside fan were. It was great, when we both finally fell asleep, I slept sooo good! Had a hard time getting there, because Laynie couldn't get comfortable...(?) She was moving, and going from top to bottom, closer to my belly and then back towards my spine. Dunno!
The Honest Company
So I wanted to share this with you guys. Some of my readers are moms, and some are not. But I just thought I had to share this. I am very very picky when it comes to diapers. I worked in childcare centers for over 3 years, so I got to see how different kids reacted to different diaper brands. To be quite honest I dont like any of them. If I have to chose (which I did for my registery) I went with Pampers Natural Care. BUT I wanted to find diapers that were going to be even more gentle on Laynie. From me I didn't do too well with diapers, always had a rash, or a UTI. Jeremy's mom only used cloth diapers (she was at home with him alot) unless they went somewhere then she put him in regualr diapers; which he would always get a rash from. So I went on a search. And I found The Honest Company. Which is Jessica Alba's company. All of their products are natural, friendly products which I like. The side by side comparisson of ingreadients for their diapers vs store bought do not compare. Plus all of the reviews are amazing!
So I was interested. So I ordered a free trial. (You pay $5.95 shipping) for 7 Diapers and a travel size wipes. My order is supposed to get here on Wednesday or Thursday and I will be sure to post pictures. But after I ordered it I also found their bundle packages.
This is the bundle package $79.95/Month (less than $20 a week!)
You get 7 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes sent to you automatically each month! What a deal right!
And the best part is...You get to chose designs! How fun right?!
These diapers are ultra absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are extra soft, hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing & risky additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex).

 And here is the size chart, and the number of diapers by size per bundle.
Otherwise, they are $13.95/pack

Size Chart

 So these are the diapers Jeremy and I have decided to order to Laynie. We did a little price comparison when I was registering, and so far this Honest Bundle has beaten out the store bought prices if we were to buy in bulk.  
They also have all kinds of cleaning products that are safe to use on and around the baby, as well as shampoos and body washes and they even have all natural vitamins; prenatals etc..
So if you want you can click HERE to hop on over to their website and check em out!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!

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