Thursday, August 29, 2013

6 Months!!!!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII am soo HAPPY today! Today I am 6 months! 24Weeks people! Only 3 more months to go! Yaya! This chick is excited!

I love feeling her kick me inside, BUT I would love to have her here so that I can snuggle her little baby newborn neck!

I have been checking some more baby clothes out online; just because I'm still kind of terrified to start buying a lot of clothes...Especially because no one really has winter clothes on sale. Although, Carter's has their Labor Day sale this weekend... Everything is 50%. Which, I found her coming home outtie!

Okay, it's kind of blurry; but it soo adorable! Especially with the panty hose and the beanie! Not to mention the sparkly shoes. We might actually skip the sparkly shoes...but still. How adorable! And remember, it will be colder when I have her, so this outfit is actually appropriate for the season!

Gosh, Im just so ready to meet this little girl. I cant wait to hear her coo, and oohh and aaahh and cry and want me and want her daddy! My goodness. I first found out I was pregnant when I was only 4 weeks along. So a month ago, this pregnancy felt like it was dragging on, like it was never going to end! But this past month has just flew by! And we are soo close to meeting her! As of last Monday the 26th we have two months until we get to go again for the 4D ultrasound one more time. So that we're actually able to see her face, and hands this time. Last time; which was about 3 weeks ago she is still so tiny and still forming. Her ears haven't fully developed yet either, so I can't wait to see who she looks like the most. My sweet little girl.

And how cute are these polka dot tights from Zulily?!! When I went to buy them, they were sold out =( BUT I requested that they notify me when they become available again. It reminds me of when I used to wear my polka dot tights with my cut off shorts over them. My mom used to let me dress the way I wanted. And when I was younger, I was always in my tights and cut off shorts!

But her kicks and pushes are getting stronger and stronger. She wakes up early early! So I've been trying to adjust my schedule a little bit. I know that I need to prepare myself to wake up earlier, so this week everyday I have set my alarm 5 minutes earlier each day. I did pretty good. But I want to get back to where I wake up at 5:15 instead of 6:00. Eventually getting to where I wake up earlier; especially after I have her and get cleared to start working out again, then Jeremy and I will switch off on who gets to go to the gym in the mornings vs afternoons. Because I don't want to have her in daycare all day, and then take her to the gym daycare for an hour. That's just not fair! So I will only workout in the gym a couple of mornings a week, and the rest we will go walk/jog outside in the evenings.

Her crib; if you can remember what it looks like will be delivered Saturday!!! I'm so excited! I'm even more excited that Jeremy changed his mind about the nursery! Yay me!! I get to decorate a nursery now!!! Yayayayayayaaaaaya! lol.. See, my endorphins are just making me sooo happy!

My 31 day challenge is still going strong! I am on Day 17 today, and well, I am so pleased with the results so far. Jeremy and I have gotten to where we get so caught up in these deep conversations that we forget what time it is, and end up going to bed late. Which to be able to spend such quality time with him is great. Just think, in 3 months it's going to get a little bit hectic! YIKES! But not really. I am prepared for it and very ready for it!

I hope that all of you have a very happy Labor Day weekend. You will not hear from me until after Tuesday, I got some plans for this weekend and will definitely do a weekend update when I get back! Be good all!


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