Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If you can't say anything nice... Day 1 of 31

Then don't say anything at all... right?
Well last night I did just that. Last week Jeremy got a .50 cent raise at work! I was happy. Since the baby is coming at the busiest/most costly time of the year I have been praying for a miracle. Then yesterday late afternoon he sends me a text saying that he got another .50 cent raise! For a total of a $1 raise! Amazing! When I pray, things happen. Which is why on this 31 Day challenge I am also going to be praying multiple times a day for all of things that I have been wanting to happen in our lives. I am only a human, I can only change things that God allows me to, but the biggest thing I have to remember is that I cannot do it without him. So even if I just have 2 minutes, thats 2 minutes I can talk to God about our blessings.
So PTL he got a raise, and in an effort to celebrate I cooked an amazing meal yesterday!! Oh it was sooo good! You can go look at it here
But we updated each other on our day at work and then Jeremy seemed like he had something else on his mind, so he hurried through this dinner that I stood in the same mother-freakin spot for an hour and a half preparing and then putting in the oven. Now after the second timer went off and I pulled it out of the oven and started to make garlic bread, he did ask if there was anything he needed to help with for dinner. was already all done. He did load this dishwasher. Which I appreciate, because I hate that thing. But our kitchen is too small to wash dishes by hand...(PRAYING!!)

So after I sat quietly at our dinning room table by myself I decided on what I wanted to do with the rest of my evening. A bath sounded wonderful.

I guess the baby really liked the warm bath because it was the only part of the day where it calmed down for more than 5 minutes. I got a little emotional in the tub. So I just told myself relax, close the door and just let the warm water soothe me.

So when Lady (my fur baby) pushed the door open to come "check on me" I knew it was time to wash up and get out! So I did so calmly and slipped on my fav night dress and grabbed a book, switched on my heating pad and nestled comfortably in bed to relax for 45 minutes.

I was overly exhausted yesterday. Usually I make simply meals, but I wanted to celebrate and have a very nice restuarant inspired meal. Lately Im noticing that I'm getting more and more tired at the end of the day. Monday I broke down and bought a fan for my side of the bed. BEST THING EVERRRR! I seriously thought our air conditioner was broken again this weekend. It was on 69 and I felt like it was on 80. Sweating at night while pregnant is nooooot cool!

So Day 1 of my 31 Days to Being a Better Wife was exactly what it was supposed to be...a challenge! Even though I was exhausted last night, I still made us an amazing meal, and I even slipped a love note in Jeremy's lunch this morning. I usually do, about 3 times out of the week I remember to slip a little note in! I actually write it on a ziploc bag that a peice of break or fruit goes in.
When i started putting them in there he said that him and all the guys loved my love-note! All the guys that Jeremy works with share their lunches with each other. So I think its cute, and not that he needs a daily reminder that I love him, but it may brighten up his day a little!
But hopefully tonight goes by a lot better. I miss him alot throughout the day, and I think about him alot, More now since Im pregnant.
So Day 1 of 31: Challenging, but hopeful!


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