Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 8 and The Very Dark Day 9

So, Day 8 - Wednesday August 21st, I got home and Lady had finagled her way out of her kennel (She hasn't done that in over a year) So I went and checked out what damage might have been done. To my surprise only one accident. Now remember on Monday when I got home she was sick from getting into the trash. So Wednesday before I went to work she was almost back to her regular self.
Well, then I got to the dinning room....There on the floor laied a lonesome single cinnamon tortilla chip. Lady had gotten on top of the counter, and dragged down a brand new (I only had four chips) of Cinnamon Tortilla chips. These weren't the Stacy's kind either. They were the Kroger bakery made, where the use the whole bottle of cinnamon on one bag! So yea. I went to go find her and she was hiding in her kennel.. She knew she messed up!

So Jeremy got home and we decided on eating Subway for dinner, He fed Lady outside on the porch because she was still kind of sick and it was just a precaution. He was really sweet to me, he heated up my rice/lavender warmer for my back, he picked a spot out for me, put a movie in the DVD player and told me to just relax. How sweet! After the warming went away I decided to get up and vacuum and then bathe Lady for the 20th time...We went to bed shortly after...well, we were in bed! hahaha!!

Day 9  A VERY dark day

When I woke up and started getting ready (I start in the bathroom, hair then face) And I could hear LB throwing up. We put her in her kennel this week because I didn't want her wondering into parts of the house and randomly throwing up or having diarrhea somewhere and then I get to find a surprise in like a month! So I rushed in there, and poor thing had been sick all night. But this time it was different.

 She looked at me with pain, helplessness. I tried to get her to come out but I was unsuccessful. Jeremy tried as well, but she wouldn't budge. So I said that I would just have to be late to work, turned around and there it was, the blood.

Her diarrhea had turned into blood. Jeremy said "Fuck it, I'm calling in, we're taking her to the vet" So he started to clean her up. I had to go to work. I had a few obligations that I needed to complete, then I swore I was out of there. And I did just that. I was at work for exactly one hour.

When I got there we took her immediately to the family vet. It took about an hour for her to be seen. Then they took a stool sample. When they carried her kennel into one of the private rooms, she just looked worse than she did when we were at home. She was getting worse. The Dr. had to slide the bottom of her kennel to be able to get her hand around her so she could weigh her. 15.2 lbs. And she was bleeding uncontrollable. So they took her and gave her a bath, and cleaned out her kennel for us. Which I was very grateful for. The smell, oh Gosh the smell. She was definitely getting worse. The Dr. explained what she had, to sum it all up, because of her actions she had a toxicity. She had gotten in the trash Monday; there were bones (from us bbq-ing etc) and all kinds of food she's never eaten before. So her body purged it on Monday. BUT then on Wednesday she went and ate the cinnamon chips. She may have had cuts on the inside of her intestines due to the bones needing to pass through. So her body didn't fully recover before ingesting the cinnamon. And large amounts of cinnamon are toxic to humans and dogs. She ingested too much cinnamon. She was dehydrated, sick and the cinnamon was causing her to basically shut down. They gave her an IV of fluids, and two antibiotics.
 When they brought her back and did the IV and antibiotics she wasn't looking any better, she was just cleaner. My heart just hurt so bad for her, knowing she was in pain.

 They laid a towel down, and put her back in her kennel. Her body was limp, she wouldn't move, or look at me or respond to me when I talked. She just looked straight ahead of her. We were free to take her home, but to bring her back if she got worse. So we headed home. When we pulled up, to get her out of the truck, she was gasping for air. She couldn't breathe, her tongue was pale. I called the vet. They gave me two options, to bring her in and let her pass there, or let her pass at home. There was nothing further they could do. She faded too fast.

 We chose to keep her home, Jeremy tried to get her to calm down and breath, but it didn't work. Two minutes later, she took her last breath.

My Lady girl, my best friend, my road dog, my partner in crime, my first baby; is gone.
I'm crying as I write this. My heart hurts for my friend that is no longer here.
No one will ever understand the relationship that she and I had.
I saved her, but in a small way, she saved me too!
I'm mad, I'm confused, I'm upset, I'm hurt, I'm lonely without her.

Jeremy too is torn up, he blames himself for not taking the trash (like he does every night) but for two years, she has never once touched the trash. She just did it. But I try to explain to him, that that's not what killed her. It was the cinnamon.
He also doesn't know that all night in his sleep, he talked about Lady. He was playing fetch with her, and telling someone about how great she is.

Lady and Jeremy had an unexplainable relationship

Broke my heart! She was his first little girl. Wherever he was, she was. He hardly went anywhere without him. And if he did, she sat by the door and whined until she heard him coming up the stairs. Then she would go APE-SHIT over him. They were best friends.

She looked out here everyday, watched for Jerm's truck

No one will understand the love we have for LadyBug. She was the best dog. Most incredible personality, so smart and very sweet to everyone!

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