Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend update, days 11-13

So, somewhere in there I skipped a day. Thursday; the day Lady passed was supposed to be day 10. So I will just update you all on Days 11 - 13!

Friday I received lots of packages when I got home!!! I was sooo excited! I loove getting things in the mail! Even if they arent for me!
Home Executive Planner

Honest Company Diapers and Wipes trial

A new skirt from BabyBug Creations

  Jeremy and I decided to surprise Brayden at his football practice and then afterwards he came home with us. We had fun at the practice together. Half of the kids played the previous year, annnd that's all that really knows anything about how to play football. The other half, including Brayden have no idea what they are doing. Sometimes its funny, other times its not. Jeremy gets a little embarrassed sometimes. He's such a competitive person, and so it makes his skin crawl sometimes that Brayden doesn't put in any effort to know what he's doing.
 But Jeremy and I had good laughs, and we stayed positive even though it was HOT! On the way home we ordered Chinese, and got a RedBox DVD rental. I chose the most family/kid friendly movie they had. Ivan the Incredible. It was a great movie! I reccommend watching it. Its cartoon, so if you dont like those dont waste your time. But it was cute and totally age appropriate! Jeremy was very cuddly to me, like he has been the past few weeks. Im liking this softer side of him lately.

Saturday we woke up and I made our weekly staple Bacon, Eggs and Pancake Satruday!! Then we headed off to Brayden's last scrimmage game before the season starts. It was BLISTERING HOT.

Shirt: Ruffles with Love

Holy cow, I think steam was coming off of me! But my sister came out to support, we had loads of fun!

Then after the game we headed to Carter's to start shopping for Laynie! Times are still tight, so I didnt have much to spend; but I figured if we just start we the essentials (long sleeve shirts, pants, onesies and socks) we'll be ok! Plus Im sure everyone else has a TON of clothes to give her!

Purple: "Daddy and I agree, Mommy is the Boss!"

My sister bought the pink and the purple "boss" one! Jeremy wasn't on the same page we were at first, but he agrees!

Sunday was Sewing Day! I hemed all of Jeremy's work uniforms. I was tired of seeing loose strings, and him pulling up his pant leg just to walk! Arrgg! So i fixed him right up!
 Jeremy was in a different mood, he was a little sad. His first time not taking Brayden to school on his first day, LadyBug not being here; which has only gotten harder and harder for us both. After almost 3 years of having to let the dog out, and feed her when we eat, and talk her on walks; it's just so weird when we get home. Me especially after I get home from work. She was the second thing I attended to when I walked in the door. And now, I feel almost guilty. Is that weird?

I feel like I've been going through the emotions of loss. At first I was Shocked, then Angry, then Upset and now Guilty. All the while missing my best friend.

Gosh I really miss her!

Jeremy asked me last night if I thought he was a pu$$* for being emotional about it. Of course NOT. She was our baby. We had her 24/7. We took care of her more than we take care of Brayden (because of Joint custody and the scheduled visitations bullshit etc...) So of course not. He is totally allowed to be like that. If not, I would be worried. But I tried to cheer him up a little, If you know what I mean! And it worked. I just hate seeing him like that. It breaks my heart to see him struggle through something. I know he has a lot on his mind, so today I packed him a big lunch. I know he likes it when he has a wide variety of things to snack on throughout the day! I've been sending him love texts all day and been praying for him as well. I just hope that things get better for him.

Over the weekend I also found Jeremy's wedding ring! We currently do not have rings, and so we are on the hunt for the perfect ones! Because I said I didn't want to go another year without one. Sooo, while I still search for the one I am just absolutely in love with, I have found his! And he loves this so Im excited!

Well heres to a better week! And hopefully to September being MUCH better than August!

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