Thursday, September 19, 2013

27Weeks!!!!! 13 Weeks to go!

I promise I have not died! lol....

I have been soo unimaginable busy yall! At work we had a girl turn in her two weeks, then the last week she just popped in periodically on wichever days she chose, and it put me having to work double jobs.. ughh...
Then we started a few new church groups this week with our church. Can I just say, that I think that our church is amazing! Not just because I am so filled, inspired, rejuvinated, energized for God every time I enter those doors. But also because our Pastor is amazing. He is sooo on fire for God, his messages are so heartfelt, and meaningful and true, honest and touching. Sometimes it brings me to tears...and Im not the only one in house crying! Also because our church offers whats called Fusion Groups. Fusion Groups are basically bible study on different topics that everyday people go through. For example Jeremy and I are in the Becoming a Contagious Christian, Bringing peach and Harmony to the Blended Family. But there is also groups for just men and just women, or groups for couples such as a class that Jeremy and I are going to take later in the year called The Art of Marriage. Starting October 28th I will be in the Proverbs 31 Woman class. Which I am very excited about! I love Proverbs 31 Ministries.

So I have been work busy, church busy, and life busy. We only have 13 weeks left! ahhhh!!! I get more and more excited with every week that passes!

My baby shower isnt until October 26th...only about a month away, so I am still trying to wait to buy stuff...But I just need to know what Im going to need. I am still in search of an old antique dresser to redo for the changing table/storage until she's older to use as a dresser. We havent found one yet, but I plan on going to some garage sales this weekend, because we need to get started on that project.

Im sticking to buying her nightgowns for now!

Also on another great/busy note...Jeremy got a new job! Im sor excited about it. His first week was this week. He started Monday. And I tell you our prayers were seriously answered. He cam home all this week in the best mood! He's so much more loving, relaxed and just not stressed. He doesnt talk about work in his sleep anymore. He actually doesnt talk in his sleep at all anymore! Which is the best sign...that means that he's sleeping and not stressed out! So yay!

27Week Update of the bebe!

Laynie is growing, and moooooving. She moves about 85% of the day and about 50% of the night. She was not shy at out 26 week appointment. This is the first time that she let Dr. Gayle actually hear her heartbeat. She usually had her back to her and far away. But Tuesday she was facing her, and right out on top. So the Dr. smiled when she heard it. Nice and strong and beautiful!

I am thirsty, like all the time! I guzzle water like a mad person. When I wake up in the morning, I just feel like throughout the night I dried up and need about a gallon of water to suffice. I am not craving anything weird. I mostly want comfort food. Such as pizza, I could go for some macaroni and cheese! Grilled Cheese would definately satify me! Other than that, I've been pretty solid. Monday I had some pain, but I took a warm bath and it went away. Talked to Dr about it and she said it was probably contractions. But that when I feel that way to find a way to relax; warm bath, nap etc and just take it easy until it passes. But if it lasts for more than a day to call the emergency number. So hopefully it will stop. My glucose and blood test came back, and NO DIABETES!!! And also she said my blood count is even perfect! So we are so so healthy! Its so good to know that I am so healthy with my bebe!

So thats about it! I'll try to keep more in touch next week. But who knows...

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  1. You are so stinking cute! Everything sounds great! So happy for you!