Monday, September 30, 2013

Concert and Girl Time with my Bestie (Weekend Recap)

    So first things first...Its raining here in Houston, TX again! I love it! Especially while I work. I don't have to be out in it, I don't have to worry about getting wet. I just love the sound of it hitting my window at work.
Second,  I went to Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert concert Saturday with my bestie Amber! It was soooo much fun! Dierks is a serious hottie. OMG! The way he rocks that guitar and hold that microphone...ohh yumm...Ok Im done! lol...Sorry babe! 

And Miranda, she always brings it! She is my favorite artist of all time. She tells the truth, she doesn't feel as though she has to "twerk" or show her chi-chis to make money. Girl can SAAAAANG live! Seriously, it was like listening to a different rendition of her songs on a CD. She is an amazing performer that really likes to have fun and tell it like it is! And I admire that about her.

I told Jeremy I would not mind at all if that's who Laynie looked up to. Because she is just acceptable in my book as a good role model. She's one of my role models, homegirl knows how to kick ass and take names! So you go Miranda! And please come back!

I was super excited to go to this concert. Jeremy was a little being 28 weeks and all. But overall it was safe! The weather was expected for Houston. Hot and MUGGY! Hellllloooo Humidity! But we had fun! Every year I try to listen or watch for when she is coming to town, and for the past three years I have missed it every time!

But I was more happy to be doing so with my best friend Amber! Her and I have known each other since we were about 13/14. She's my oldest friend (we've been the only ones to actually hang out and keep in touch through the years) and I wouldn't trade her for the world. We are total opposites! As she describes me I am a "fashionista", classy, always put together. She is plain Jane, hair in a pony(all the time) jeans and t-shirt, or workout clothes and tennis shoes and hardly any makeup. I am a bit reserved, until I start drinking...(sometimes) she is loud, and proud! She is in ya face, I am sit back and watch! But that's what makes us click I think! She is a sweetheart and is an awesome Nanny! She went to University of Texas, I went for two years to a community college! She has a degree, I do not. But she still loves me and I love her! We have been through a lot together! We even broke up for a few years...but we just cannot stay away from each other. She lives in Austin, TX and we usually only see each other once a year, but we talk all the time (she's texting me right now! haha) But since Laynie is coming, we have vowed to see each other much more often!

Amber and Me!

Laynie's first concert!

Well that's it for my weekend! Hope everyone is having a fabulous and blessed Monday!

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