Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things that have been on my mind

We all know that Laynie is the #1 person/thing on my mind! She's all I think about probably...85% of the day. Mostly because she's awake and kicking/moving around and I feel her so it's kind of hard not to notice her! haha..
But I also cannot wait until I get to actually hold her. Her being my very first baby I'm just super excited to be able to hold her, and snuggle with her and just love her so much! (12 more weeks tomorrow!!!)

May we be blessed so that we are able to bless others
I want to be able to tithe more than what I do presently at church. But Im just not able to. I also want to be able to donate more to great causes and such but I'm not able to. I do however do a once a year donation, but it's not as big as I would like for it to be. I want to be blessed just even a little bit more, so that Im able to bless someone else.

Running/getting back into shape after bebe is born
I am excited about getting to be able to run again after Laynie is born. I don't necessarily want to spend so much time in the gym like I was, but I would like to take up running...outside. I want to be out in the open. Jeremy and I have thought about cancelling our gym membership and getting one to a different facility. One that has more activities available and longer childcare hours so that in the days that we want to go play racquetball together or go swim, we'll have someone to watch her.

Decorating her room
I have finally narrowed down the color scheme for the furniture, and since I bought her dresser Saturday it makes it much more exciting to see it all coming together! we have 12 more weeks (tomorrow!!!)

Getting our room finished
Our room is the last room to be taken care of. We just need a few things but still. Those few things will probably wait till who knows when. Just because we take care of other things first.

Our lease is up February 1st. We go back and forth every week on weather or not we are going to move or stay for another 6 months or's just so much to think about.

I need a  new safer vehicle
I do! Someone hit me July 30th and he lied (imagine that) and his insurance denied me that they would fix it. So now, I'm having to pay my deductible to get it fixed. Which is not even close to what the damages cost, however...its money I don't have to spare.

To be honest, I have only been to one and it smelled like pee! And my motto id "If it smells like pee, it aint for me!" So I have two more that I can look at...Please pray that Im going to be able to find one and that I'll be ok with it.

Should I switch jobs and risk job-security so that I can spend more time with Laynie
My job has become somewhat of a huge mess. I had one girl put in her two weeks and she showed up once. Then I have this guy who is somewhat of an information controller for our company and he is a prick. Spends most of his time telling everyone his opinion of why things are wrong, and how messy (as in neat etc..) people are and what not. And my boss has gotten to this point of..well we're stuck in the mud now we might as well enjoy it. Ummm we have approximately 12 weeks until my actual due date...but thats only if I go full term. What if I dont, then what.

So I have thought about and prayed about some direction about my job. But as of yet, I have yet to know what Im supposed to do. And its nerve racking!

Insurance is so expensive
Jeremy has told me on many occasions that he would love for me to be a stay at home mom with an income-gaining hobby (which is what I really really want to do) but we just cant afford it. So...I am working basically to cover myself for the insurance and pay my car (note and insurance) Its pretty annoying. Like really.

These have been the things that have been on my mind periodically throughout the day. Not necessarily in that order, but still been thinking about them. I try so hard not to focus on my haves and have nots...

Which brings me to church service on Sunday. Pastor was talking about how we need to keep our focus on God and off of our circumstances. And how people hold grudges against God when they don't get what they want when they want it. It was a great service! It fired me up, and I was sad that Jeremy missed it. But If you want to listen to it for some lesson and encouragement click HERE for the link to my church. He puts his sermons on the podcast and you can listen as long as you have Internet for FREE! Who doesn't love free!?

I urge you to listen to it if you too are stuck on focusing on your circumstances and not on God.

And just because, this is my outfit today! I love it! I love the rocker look the best, I think I can pull it off because I like my hair wild, and my necklace is awesome too! I wish I could dress like this more often...we'll see!

I hope everyone has had a blessed week so far! It's almost over!!!!

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