Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend recaps

This weekend was pretty relaxed. Jeremy had to work all weekend, and I just did my normal what I do when Im alone all weekend!
I cleaned! Like a cleaning freak!! Pregnancy-nesting I guess. But I scrubbed every-thang! and I was super satisfied, although it wore me out! Saturday after I got back from the grocery store and put the chicken noodle soup ingredients in the crock pot, I cleaned for about 2-3 hours...And it wiped me out! I had to take an hour nap just to be able to keep my eyes open the rest of the day. I guess bebe is needing me to rest more.
Thats one thing that I struggle with. Is needing to know when I need to just take a little break...
Im so go-go-go Im just not used to having to take a break. I feel like a realy fatty when I tell my husband I need to sit down and prop my feet up for a minute...I know Im not, but I get discouraged, big time.
This weekend I also have begun the process on a few projects for Laynie's room.
So I wanted an antique dresser to also be a changing table for her room. And so Friday I took to Craigslist. I knew I had a few bucks left over this week and decided to get started, or at least look. I found a few that I absolutely loved.
Two were just too far away, and personally over priced.
The last one that I looked at before I decided to give up my search for the weekend, was this one...
When I find things like these, or have ideas of what I want, I dont look at what they are now, I look at the potential product they will become. Here is my inspiration for that dresser/changing table.

Pertty huh? I want all the furniture to match. Her crib is antique white, and her bedding is pink, grey and white. So I wanted all the furniture to either be antique white, or grey, or both. I also got a daybed that was at my Dad's house not being used, so I decided to bring that in so that Brayden can sleep in it, instead of on the huge queen bed he sleeps on now. It takes up waaay too much space after putting in the crib and dresser. So the daybed is perfect. And it also works for me; which is the main reason why I got it. But I started thinking about how she will probably want to feed at night, or what if she's fussy, or sick...And I dont want to wake Jeremy by turning on all the lights, just to bring her back to our room. So on those nights, I can just lay with her in there. Or take naps with her, and play with her in there too.
The day bed's beautiful frame is grey, so it worked out perfectly! I'll get you a pic up as soon as we put it up, which will be by Friday!
I also started on her wall decor. I was going through Pinterest on Thursday and found some inspiration for pretty wall decor.
5 Inch Monogram Cake Topper Decorated with Pearls and Swarovski Crystals in Any Letter.... I like this topper, combines the pearls and rhinestones. Would it be too much pearl/rhinestones with the cake design I like? Also, I would prefer it in the three initial combo.
I loved this, but I couldn't find the cursive L, so I went with a cute capital L.
 I started working on it yesterday evening before Jeremy got home from work, and then we blasted out to Kemah to spend some time with my family.
So I will be finishing it up tonight, and will probably hang it soon. But I love it, I think its classy!


Here is also the inspiration for her curtains that I will be making.
I wont be using the turquoise, but a great instead, and then finding a grey/white pattern for the bottom panel.
Love these colors together

Lastly, on Thursday I went to Kohl's to go look at baby stuff and see if I could find a cute skirt, or pants or something. So I can across this skirt. And I fell in love. I put it on Instagram to see if others agreed, and they did! I will get brave enough one day to actually wear it out!

I also got Laynie a cute shirt! Her daddy loves it!

Last night we met up with my family at Kemah, talked for a little bit and then went home. I dont get to see them often because all of our schedules are so busy, but I like it when we're able to carve out time to get together.
L to R Jeremy, Me(and Laynie) My older sister Nicole, my younger sister Alex and my step-dad Rickie.
Im the silly/wild one, she's the conservative one...until she gets her Moscato! hahaha!

I hope everyone has had a blessed and breezy Monday. The weather here today is absolutely beautiful! I am completely grateful for it today!


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