Monday, March 25, 2013

Goal Surpassed!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. I surpassed my End of MARCH GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want proof?!! Here I will be moooore than happy to show you!

Isnt it beautiful!!!!! I think so! For the moment anyway! haha
No, but really. Friday I went to the gym after work because I had gotten so much positive feedback from the Fat to Fit Link up. So I channeled that excitement and energy into a workout. I needed it anyway because it was our cheat meal night...and supreme pizza...oh my goodness!! Need I say more?!
Friday morning this is what I weighed

After work I laced up...LB was not happy about it!

And this is what my intervals helped me
accomplish on Friday!

Friday night, with our pizza I decided to drink a little drink. And this combo is sooo good!
Ginger Ale and Peach flavored vodka! SOO good!
We went to a friends house and Jerm's got a little sideways! Ok..alot sideways! haha!
There was some arm wrestling
Annnd some leg wrestling ?!!? guys...
And Jeremy's best friend got a new puppy. She's a catahoula and her name is Kyra! Soo precious! She even had puppy breath!!! love!

Saturday we slept in abit to let the guys sleep off their hangover. I headed out to the gym.

Annnd I crushed my intervals. Along with Leg day!
Then I headed over to Old Navy because my jeans are too loose. So....
I walked away with a size 14!!!! I have been in size 16 forever!!! And it felt sooo good to ask the fitting room attendant to go grab me a size smaller!!! I had a huge grin on my face! Such an exciting day!
Then I went home showered and changed for our crawfish date!
He's so handsome!!!
And sweet!

My flowers he got me Friday night.
The crawfish was sooooo good! 
Sunday we went to the gym and did the normal grocery shop.
 We had his mom over for dinner. And went to bed pretty early! I was excited about that...cuz 3:30 comes early!!!
Yea this is what the gym looks like at 4am!
And my outie for the day! Really you can only see my shirt...but no big!
I hope that everyone is having a great Marilyn Monday so far!

And I leave you with this thought....
Because its the truth!
Happy Monday everyone! Dont forget to smile, and give it all you got!!
Peace and Love, 


  1. YAY!!! Congrats!! I think that is awesome,reaching goals feels fabulous, but going down 2 pants sizes is even BETTER!!! I am so freaking happy for ya!!

    1. Thank you soo much! I really appreciate all of your encouragement! It really truely does help!

  2. How exciting!! So how much have you lost in all now and how much did you lose in March. So happy for you.. that's so awesome!!!

    1. Thank you! I have lost a total of 17.6 lbs since I started working out. In the last month; 2/17 - 3/22 I lost 2.4 lbs! Thank you soo mcuh for your support! It really helps and I appreciate it dearly!

  3. Your cheekbones are so pretty!

    Yay for the 14's!!!! I'm so jealous that you can wear Old Navy jeans. They don't fit my butt at all.

    Have you tried diet ginger ale with the vodka to save calories? Does it taste as good?

  4. This is Jeremy, I am so privilege that I have been blessed with a gal as good as cecelia!!! She is
    Such a great girlfriend and I am super proud of her for meeting her goals and am positive there will be many more to come!! She never fails to make me smile or light up my day even if it has been a rough one and i can allways count on here to have me a bomb breakfast in the morning. You folx give her a lot of drive, support and appreciation and I thank yaw for it. I view myself as my babygirls biggest fan!!! She is a great and strong lady. Cecelia puts up with me,helps me with anything I need help with rather it be bbqin, working on cars or whatever I might be geting into. She gives me all the support that I could want or need. Welp sorry to cut this short but im cooking and the oven is beeping for my attention. Thanks for the support of my foxxy gal!!!

  5. Congrats girl! Keep it up! Those goals def make the gym easier because you know your hard work is paying off. Great job