Friday, March 22, 2013

Fat to Fit Friday Link Up!


Today Im Linking up with Jenna, Marcy and Lori and a few others on the Fat to Fit Friday!!!
Here are the rules that were provided:

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Since I dont operate my blog (well, heck I dont operate at all on my Facebook) I am going to spread the word via Instagram!!!!

So let's get started!

  How I stay motivated:
I stay motivated by reading Fitness Mags, Reading Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg's blogs/Instagrams everyday. I also use Skinny Meg's Fitness Videos EVERYDAY!!! She's like the next Jillian Michael's....but NICER!!! haha! If you want to check out her AWESOME videos click HERE.

             I have healthy recipes on my RECIPES page. I also find REALLY good and healthy recipes on Pinterest. It really helps too. Because I dont like to get repetative. I like to spice things up and keep Jeremy guessing! So far, so good!
I have been in this never ending mind battle with myself for about two months now on time crunching. I feel as though I dont have enough time. I get up before the butt crack of dawn. If you follow me on Instagram then you know. If not, I get up at 3:30am people!!! Do you know how hard that is???? Oh jeez!
At 3:30 in the morning, you dont care what you look just hope that you can run on the treadmill without falling over due to your body not knowing what to do that early!!
But like I said, I've been feeling as though i never have enough time to get a full workout in. Especially with the way that work has been lately. I've been working alot of overtime this week. But then something happened....I got on the scale this morning!
That's your eyes are NOT lying to you and neither are mine. I am sooooo flippin close to my goal for the end of this month. I have 9 more days to get off 1.6 lbs to reach my end of March goal!!

I cannot express on this blog how excited I am. I have not see the 199's for about a year and a half. I have done a really good job at maintaining my weight between 200 and 216. I have never gone above 216...PTL!!! But that's not where I want to stay. At you hear me?!!

Last night when I got out of the shower, I stood in front of the mirror...Naked as the day I was born...uhh..Duh!!! lol.. And I looked over my gross body. I am NOT in any way shape or form happy with the way that I look. In or out of clothes. The number on the scale does effect me. Alot of people say you shouldn't let it blah blah blah... BUT thats like telling Nemo not to touch the boat! Um helloooo...he touched it anyway!!!!! haha... That number will affect me. That number may not define my as an individual, but I see that number in my head all day long.

My weight is the number one thing on my mind, all day long! Through any activity, situation etc... Im constantly wondering how I look in my outfit. Can you see my fat roll? And even in more personal situations...My constant weight struggle has always been the number one thing on my mind.

Do I want it to be?                HELL NO!

Will I ever get past it?          I BETTER!!!

I am dedicated, but I dont want to be so dedicated that I lose sight of life. Sometimes I think that Jerms is like Shut the Frack up already! But who else am I going to talk about it with?

Speaking's hard to talk to him about my weight. When I first started working out and making healthier choices, I didnt even let him see how much I weighed. It wasnt until I had lost 14 pounds that I was semi-ok with it.  It's embarassing. I feel like a failure. I know that he loves me anyhow, but I feel like a fat diasappointing whale! It's especially hard for me because Im young (25) and there are PLENTY of girls with hot bodies around. and anytime that we're out together I think, oh he comparing me to her? She has nice biceps....wish I had her ass...her boobs are perky (they're probably fake!)  haha..
But my weight Kills my confidence. I used to be confident. I used to have a flat stomach. I used to want to be the center of attention. I used to flirt. I used to talk a whole lot more than I do now. And then I ate, and ate, and ate and drank beer and lots more beer. And overtime HELLO fatty!

I know that you cant put on 60lbs of fat in a day, just like you can't work off 60lbs of fat in a day.
I know that this is a journey and all journey's take time.
I know that I need to be patient.
I know that I need to remember to breathe.
I know that I need to give my workouts my all and after I walk out of the gym let it go. Continue to make healthy choices throughout the day, but dont let it consume my life.

Im working on it.
 Bare with me, Im working on my journey to happiness and peace with my body!
It's our cheat meal night! We decided we are having Supreme Pizza with Guacamole!!! Not together! But we like to keep it a little healthy!! lol...My mouth has been watering since we decided on it last night!! haha Fat girl problems!
Well that's all I got! For now, Have a great weekend!!!! And Happy Fat to Fit Friday to us all!
Peace and love,




  1. How exciting for you!! Hard work pays off.. always! I can't wait to be in the 199's. I've got a few more months til I'm there, but I can't freaking wait! It's hard to not let the number on the scale get to you. I've read it's not healthy, but I weigh every single morning. It helps me to get my mind in check first thing. Of course there are days that the number is up but I don't beat myself up about it.. as long as it isn't over a pound, it's usually gone the next day. You're so right... this is definitely a journey!!

    1. If it works, then I say keep it going. Whatever will keep you on track then stick with it! Good luck on your journey!

  2. I am visiting from the link up. YAY!!! Keep going girlie, you will be at 199 any day now!! Over achiever!! Btw, i think you are so pretty. I was looking at your pics on the blog and I think you are very pretty, so chin up girlie. I don't like the way i looked naked either, but I know one day I will. We are our WORST critics, remember that. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to get to know you through your blog and link up.

    1. Thank you! And thank you for the compliments! And hopefully we are all on our way to looking great naked! Cheers to that!

  3. Girl... you are going to make that goal and then some! KILL IT!!! I believe in you! I know right now it is hard to focus on something other than the scale. We are all different. I was so focused on the scale for so long but if you can see from my pics I am actually up in weight but down in my pants size... We all have different journey's! I am proud of what you have accomplished thus far and I am so glad you linked up!

    1. Yes! And you look sooo good! Im super proud of you! You look amazing!! And I will continue to Link up! Its my first one and so far soooo bueno!!

  4. I am so addicted to your blog! This is my first time visiting and I know it will not be my last. You are doing great on the weight loss!

  5. I refuse to let my husband no my weight. He has an idea...but I won't tell. Don't give up. Losing weight is not easy but it's worth the struggle to feel good about yourself again.

    1. It took me a long time (3 years) but he is my biggest supporter, my closest friend and he holds me accountable. And when I do lose weight on the scale, just to see his smile of how proud of me he is it just warms me and lets me know that I am not alone. I know that its hard. But if you ever feel like your failing you can always count on me...But I do suggest sharing it with your hubby when you're ready! It'll bring you closer.... good luck! And thanks for the support!