Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Gym and things!

So, My weekend was loooong! lol...Recap (and go!)

Friday evening, Jerms and I just sat and talked  had some drinks and talked all night. I did some late night crafting, and he read my blog(for the first time) He loved it! I heart him so much...my bestie!
I ate these for lunch/dinner Friday and Saturday...so goood!

Friday morning weigh in.

Jerms reading my blog for the first time
He thought is was good!
My late night crafting
Finished product

 I cooked us an all too hearty breakfast! But I couldn't resist! I love bacon...mmm.. Then we went to get a tour of the gym we wanted to join.

                                                          Before Makeup/After Makeup
Not much difference, cuz I like to keep it simple, plus, I have pretty good skin, and I dont like to look much different when Im not wearing makeup. I would hate for Jerms to see something when Im wearing it, and then see a black eyed monster when he wakes up....Not cool! lol...(my opinion)

We got the gym membership and we were all too excited... Ron was so helpful, he even gave us a meal plan, and workouts to follow by and we got to try this awesome protein shake....whole cow its yummie!!!



So sunday afternoon we started are new workout plan. We only had time for a some cardio because we had to go to my dads birthday dinner later that evening.

Sunday weigh in

I was a little frightened of the stair master at first...
but I got the hang of it!

Jeremy on the stair master

Saturday night at The Cheesecake Factory for my Dad's Bday Celebration

My sisters and dad L to R: Alex, Nicole, Dad and Me
                    I dont know why, but we always seem to squish our faces together lol...

Last night Jerms and I met with a Trainer at the gym. Emmanuell totally kicked our butts! We both loved it! And are going back for more!

After the training session Jerms and I hit up some cardio on the bicycles, and the Stair Master.
                                                                                                                         Gym bruises! lol
We smashed that thing! lol...Operation Summer body on the way!       
 And I was sooo excited to use my (long forgotten) Birthday present! (Thanks Nicole!!!)
  Happy Tuesday!!!
Peace and Love,

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