Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Move it Monday!!

Move it Monday!!!

 Skipping all the boring stuff for the day and going straight to: Fitness/New Years Resolutions

So today seems to be the day that everyone starts their New Year's Resolutions of getting/staying fit for the year...Well I have to say I am on that same band waggon.

 Yup that was the cardio part of my morning workout. Its the less intense one because we were running late getting out of the house this morning. I like to post pics of my actual cardio because I can look back and reference how many calories the machine thinks that I have burned...according to my weight and age it "supposedly" calculates that for you. BUT until I am able to get a Polar heart rate monitor I cannot be for certain.
 So at the moment I am just guesstimating. Anywho. Let me give you a little bit of a back story. I have been going to the gym on and off since October 1st. I am really great at going in the beginning of the week, and then come Friday I don't even think about going to the gym! lol...BAD!!!
 Because I am not even any where near close to my goal weight, I need to continue working out every day, or at least 6 days a week. Which has become a challenge in its self. So I knew that this was the year that I wanted to take my body back! So I am challenging myself to go to the gym at least 6 days a week, two times a day at least 4 days a week. Why so often do you ask?! Well... I am giving myself until June 7, 2013; that's 5 months to lose no less than 30 pounds!! YIKES!!!! That's a pretty big goal. But I believe that it can and WILL be done! You just watch me!
 I am also challenging myself to cleaner eating, which is a definite challenge! You see my boyfriend lovessss to eat MEAT! He is a mans man. So whatever I cook it has to be friendly to both of us. But I'm lucky he also likes chicken and fish as well, so he's ok with saving his meat eating days until the weekends. Better for me cuz he cooks on the weekends!!! lol.. Anyways, so right now I am adding more veggies, fruit and fish and chicken to my diet! Go me! That's one small step for Cecelia!!!

 I was on my way out the door and thought I would snap a pic for ya! This is my before...never to be seen looking like this again, Today changes everything about my body for me!
If you want to follow my journey a little closer you can find me on Instagram @ceceisme
Current Weight: 210 lbs   
5 Month Goal Weight: 180 lbs <--- I hope to crush that!
Ultimate Goal Weight: 135 - 145 lbs
So we will see on June 7th if I have reached or exceeded this goal!! Yay me for kickin a$$ and taking some names!
Peace and Love,

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