Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving It Monday!!

So tonight Im so excited, I get to go to my first yoga class at my gym!

Im super excited! And then maybe next week I thought about trying out the ZUMBA in town...just depending on what time it starts. Cuz if I can get changed and get there in time, I would gladly love to shake my tail feathers! lol..

So Weekend Recap!
On Friday, I mixed up my normal routine a bit! I decided to add a little kick in there. So i mixed it up in 15 Min intervals.
I Tread for 15Min!

Then I walked on incline for a 15Min!  

I also did wall sits to tighten up my inner thighs!
I did my repeat 3times routine and some planks.


And then I go to work, and the highligter I chose for the day matched my shirt! which I got from Walmart!! $13 and it look jus tlike a Piko top!
And I thought I looked super cute!
Then the BF and I went to Academy and I found him these cute shoes! He loves these!

Then Saturday I picked up a copy of February's Cosmo and read some before I began my day...
Posing for you, cuz I thought my bedhead was so cute! And no makeup!
Found this cute shirt at Khols for like $8 bucks!!!

Sunday we bought a new scale, cuz the BF said my old one was broken (he dropped it multiple times) But I was down for a new scale. So this morning I gave it a whirl!
I normally dont like to share my exact weight, but how am I going to be honest with you if I dont share the truth right??!!
This is the new scale we bought...pretty fancy! It measures your body weight, body fat, bone mass, and water intake as well and daily caloric intake! It basically does everything by lose weight for you! I like it! OOh and it keeps track of up to 4 people's weight, and it also has how many weeks it'll take you to lose weight to your logged in Goal Weight! Speaking on I lost 2 pounds! 1 week before end of 2week Goal #1!!!
Sorry for the piggies, but it says I weight 208.4 and my Body Fat is 46.4...whoa!!! thats almost half of me, I will be working on that!

This is what 208.4 pounds looks like! EWW!!
But I did my Repeat 3 times routine, planks and added some new ones in that I saw that Kim Kardashian's trainer had her do. Crossing my fingers!!
And of course the BF and I ate out a lot this weekend. But I stuck to my portion sizes! And I feel pretty good today! Missed cardio this morning, but Im really hoping I can kick butt in this yoga class tonight! Wish me luck!!! I''ll let you know tomorrow how it went! Hopefully I'll get pics!!
Peace and Love,

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