Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday!

Weekend Recap!!!

  So this weekend was relatively good! I feel like I was soo busy! And I was!

 Friday night, we went to Carino's We hadn't been in awhile and yum!! I ordered the 6 layer lasagna, and the Cesar side salad...both were DELISH!!!

I squeezed in a workout while the BF had to work saturday =( ANNNDDD I get to do my first product review!! I'll do that tomorrow, so check back! Exciting stuff!

Plank anyone?!! Trying to up my time...goals people!!!
me sweaty with no makeup = ewww ugh!!!

Saturday night the BF took me out to El Toro in Baytown....Those of you who dont know(like I didn't) El Toro is FRIGGIN awesome!!! Yuummm!!! And I got a Super Fruit Skinny Rita...only 140 calories!!! And it was STRONG!! lol...
Super Fruit Skinny Rita... only 140Calories!!!
I thought this was cool! They had a couple of these on the walls

On Sunday we grabbed a quick bite at the local donut shop, and set our sites on the very anticipated film of our week Zero Dark Thirty. Now, I reccomend this movie to EVERY single proud American out there! Seriously, it'll make you even more proud to be an American!

 On Sunday afternoon the BF and I grilled tilapia and shrimp and we both love the herb and spring mix salad so i threw that in there with some strawberries! I was pretty proud of my self...did i mention we actually prepared our meals for the whole week!!! eeekk!!!

She's planking again! tummy is my worst zone....seriously I have soo much access fat... Lets be real for a minute...i have a shit ton of access fat. So i'll be focusing mostly on it. I pretty much research abdominal moves everyday. Im provably going to become obsessed. But hey dedication and preperation = victory! Goals! I'll post more on my goals lata!! Peace and love, Cecelia

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