Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So my boyfriend calls my gym...Gym's. Hes so silly! Anyways....i went to the gym Tuesday morning feeling pretty good...considering it was 32 degrees outside!!! I mean yea its colder than a witches tit...but I like it. Cuz we all know its gonna be hotter than Channing Tatum this summer!! Haha...i claim that! And ps...nothing can be hotter than him! Haha... I digress

Anywho, I had a bit of pep in my step...kicked butt. Im trying this new circut that I found. I cant tell you exactly where I found it or what its called. Cuz i just happened to stumble upon it. But its AMAZ-ZA-ZING! And kicks my a$$.

Squats 10-12
Lunges 12(per leg)
Push ups 10
Pull ups 10 (I changed this to sit ups cuz Gym's doesnt have a pull up bar!)
Repeat 3rounds.

It will definatly make you sweat like crazy! But i like it. Its different and im using my own body weight. (a whole lot of it) lol..but soon it wont be a whole lot and I'll be moving on to weights!

Went to work and had a non-stop day. And after I was kind of unmotivated to go. Especially with it being colder than normal, I just wanted to cuddle up on the couch and Instagram and watch the news...but my sweet man encouraged me to go to Gym's! I love that man! Seriously he is a blessing! More on that later!
So i went and kicked butt!

I was gettin tired towards the end of the firat half, just kept think...just keep going. So after i finished my mile, i did the elliptical for a bit. I want to hit my goals! Oh speaking of. I was reading Megan's blog over @Miss Madison's Charmed life and I got inspired by her back story....seriously if you havent seen/read her blog you need to! Amazing! Anywho I realized instead of setting huge goals. I need to minimize and set goals 2weeks at a time. So thats what I did.

2weeks from Monday 1/14/13
Goal: -2 lbs
Goal: go from 14min mile to 13min mile on treadmill.
Deadline: 1/28/13

Oh yea I started running on the treadmill again! Lovvveee it! Its kind of relaxing to "get my run on" <--- as my BF says!

Peace and love,

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